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Poster for Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2015: Art Seen

Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2015: Art Seen

Run Time: 94 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

Art Seen presents a special one night screening of six art-focused films for the third annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival.

Screening followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and Caryn Coleman (Senior Film Programmer, Nitehawk Cinema). There will also be free copies of the latest issue of frieze magazine!

Following last year’s screening of works by pioneer filmmaker and artist Aldo Tambellini, Art Seen will again present a special art-focused program for the Nitehawk Shorts Festival. This year, Art Seen screens six short films by contemporary artists and filmmakers that show a fantastical look at the world around us. Real life and the extraordinary collide in Academy Award Nominated director Zachary Heinzerling’s surreal film based on the practice of artist Hugh Hayden as well as in Ronni Thomas’ fascinating documentary on Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter, Julia Oldham’s animated imagining of the dog who orbited the earth, and Marcel Dzama’s Dadaist love story that will feature a live score by Luscious Skin. The imaginative realm goes even further with Takeshi Murata’s giallo and video game inspired CGI animation about a misfit werewolf. Firmly rooting the program in the real world is the new frieze video, in partnership with Arts Council England, on the history and present day artistic struggles in London.

Frieze Video with Jonathan P. Watts | 2015 | 17 minutes
Critic Jonathan P. Watts takes a cross-generational look at how artists have survived in London from the 1970s until the present, and why they continue to stay. It’s the first in a three-part series of film and essay projects titled ‘Page and Screen’, supported by Arts Council England.

Zachary Heinzerling | 2014 | USA | 10 ½ minutes
A surrealist recontextualization of themes present in the work of artist Hugh Hayden through the form of a storybook fable.

Julia Oldham | 2015 | USA | 6 ½ minutes
An animated short that tells the tragic story of the Soviet space dog Laika, who in 1957 became one of the first animals to be launched into space.

Ronni Thomas | 2015 | USA | 19 minutes
A short documentary on one of Victorian England’s most enigmatic and quirky characters, amateur taxidermist Walter Potter.

Takeshi Murata | 2014 | USA | 11 ½ minutes
A suspenseful story of a murderous encounter between a punk werewolf and a dapper old man.

Marcel Dzama | 2013 | USA | 36 minutes
Live score performed by Luscious Skin
In this Dadaist love story, there are many recurring themes: death and rebirth, multiple identities and doppelgängers, false prophets, love and love lost, the corruption of power and fragility of what is real or true.
Courtesy of David Zwirner, New York/London

ART SEEN is in partnership with frieze.
Program is subject to change.