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Poster for Silent Night, Bloody Night
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Silent Night, Bloody Night

Director: Theodore Gershuny Run Time: 85 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1972

Starring:  Candy Darling,  James Patterson,  John Carradine,  Mary Woronov,  Ondine, Patrick O'Neal

The horrifying tale of a mysterious maniac, an abandoned estate, and madness gets its firey start one Christmas Eve in SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT. A 35mm presentation!

Silent Night, Bloody Night (aka Night of the Dark Full Moon and Death House) is a strange and eerie thriller that kicks off on Christmas Eve in 1950 when a Wilfred Butler runs out of his house…on fire. Decades later, his grandson Jeffrey is eager to sell the now abandoned estate but, wouldn’t you know it, an inmate from the nearby institution for the criminally insane escapes and starts to seek bloody revenge in the house. The mystery unravels into a tale of incest, insanity and murder! This pre-slasher shocker is produced by Lloyd Kaufman also stars Warhol Factory legends Candy Darling and Ondine along with horror hero John Carradine!

Part of Nitehawk’s December XMAS CHOPPING midnite series.