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Director: Woody Allen Run Time: 89 min. Format: 35mm Rating: PG Release Year: 1973

Starring: Diane Keaton, John Beck, Woody Allen

In Sleeper (a futuristic science fiction comedy), Woody Allen plays a health food store owner and jazz musician who, after being involuntarily cryogenically frozen, is woken up 200 years later in 2173.

As one would expect in Sleeper, Miles Monroe (Woody Allen) is a nerd who brings all of his 20th century neurosis and insightful quips into the ridiculousness of the totalitarian state in which he now finds himself living. Monroe comedicly bumbles through his new role on being the representative of what was made obsolete…the past! And so he fights the oppressive government while falling in love with the woman he hates, poet Luna Schlosser (Diane Keaton). The film is full of mockery of science fiction classics, full of physical comedy, and the banter between Allen and Keaton is on point. If ever there were a futuristic loser/hero, it’s Sleeper!

 Part of Nitehawk’s WE CAN BE HEROES August brunch series.