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Poster for Sundays on Fire: Secret Hong Kong 35mm Feature

Sundays on Fire: Secret Hong Kong 35mm Feature

Run Time: 105 min. Format: 35mm

Warning: Images are not from the movies we’re showing. Trust us, you can’t imagine what we’re showing!

A ‘90s remake of one of Hong Kong’s most iconic martial arts movies, this mean piece of work dismembers all its ideals of chivalry, fairness, and respect in a berserker rage, then feeds the corpse to the pigs. Reimagining ancient China as a slaughterhouse where the strong take and the weak die, this movie is also one of the most revolutionary action films ever made, exchanging the precision and clarity of classic kung fu combat for a whirling, slicing tornado of tempered steel. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, it’s a psychotronic phantasmagoria of scars and tattoos, mutilation, amputation, sexual frustration, and sharp, heavy chunks of pig iron splitting muscles and breaking bones.