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Poster for Sundays on Fire: Secret Hong Kong 35mm Feature

Sundays on Fire: Secret Hong Kong 35mm Feature

Run Time: 95 min. Format: 35mm

Warning: Images are not from the movies we’re showing. Trust us, you can’t imagine what we’re showing!

During the first series of Sundays on Fire, we played a modern day action movie whose violence was so bone-crushing and brutal that audiences demanded more. Welcome to More.

More bullets to the head, more kicks to the face, more sharp pointed objects inserted into soft human flesh! The only things that carry over to this sequel are its next-level GOAT director (who would go on to do the action for some of the biggest Hollywood movies of all time) and its breakout star who went from a supporting role in the first flick to the lead role in this one.

We’re not going to reveal the name of this sequel until it appears onscreen, but relax, this is the summer blockbuster that will knock your block off.