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Poster for Sundays on Fire: Secret Hong Kong 35mm Feature

Sundays on Fire: Secret Hong Kong 35mm Feature

Run Time: 98 min. Format: 35mm

Warning: Images are not from the movies we’re showing. Trust us, you can’t imagine what we’re showing!

To celebrate the spooky season, Sundays on Fire presents a Grimm Confucian fairy tale, set in a haunted forest full of wolves with glowing eyes and dead beauties flitting through the treetops. This action-horror movie so iconic, so award-winning, and so groundbreaking that its images feel like they’re being branded onto your brain.

Starring one of cinema’s greatest onscreen couples (one of whom happens to be a ghost), this funny, earthy romance feels like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We won’t tell you the title until it appears onscreen, and there’s nothing about this movie that isn’t fun. Visually gorgeous, totally lunatic, even taking a time-out for a musical number based on a Taoist sutra, it’s also anchored by a strong undercurrent of melancholy.