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Poster for SUPER DUDE (Aka HANGUP)
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Director: Henry Hathaway Run Time: 84 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1974

Starring: Cliff Potts, Marki Bey, William Elliott

THE DEUCE gets down with special guest curator Temple of Schlock as we present blaxploi-tabulous SUPER DUDE, aka HANGUP! This month, we’re taking you to the 42nd Street Apollo Theatre where Super Dude was last seen (over thirty years ago!) as the B-feature to The Final Terror

Plus: The famous ‘DEUCE Raffle,’ Gaffel Kolsch at the after-party, and music by DJ Bones! Hosted and presented by THE DEUCE JOCKEYS: Jeff, Andy, and Joe.

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer … Kiss of Death … The House on 92ndStreet … 13 Rue Madeleine … Call Northside 777 … The Desert Fox …Niagara … Garden of Evil … North to Alaska … The Sons of Katie Elder …Nevada Smith … True Grit … Henry Hathaway directed a lot of movies during his 50+ years in Hollywood but only one of them played ‘The Deuce’ under two different titles for almost a decade and then disappeared from sight: Hangup (1974) aka Super Dude, the Oscar nominated director’s final film, which hasn’t been seen in New York since it played as the co-feature to The Final Terror at the 42nd Street Apollo Theatre in May 1984!

A homicide investigation centered around poisoned heroin puts black rookie cop Ken Ramsey (William Elliott) back in touch with his high school crush, beautiful Julie Turner (Marki Bey), now a junkie prostitute. With his job on the line, Ramsey sets out to destroy Richards (Michael Lerner), the drug-dealing pimp responsible for hooking Julie on smack and turning her out. After an aborted one-city release through Warner Brothers in 1974 and a disappointing one-week run at the Cine 42 in January 1975, the film was sold off to Dimension Pictures, who rechristened it Super Dude and put it back on the Deuce four months later (at the Harris) with Boss Nigger as its second feature.