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Poster for Surrealist Shorts

Surrealist Shorts

Director: Various Run Time: 90 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR Release Year: 1970 Language: English/Silent

Part of Nitehawk’s SUMMER OF SURREALISM, LIVE SOUND CINEMA presents a program of traditional surrealist shorts with a live score by ALYSE LAMB (EULA and Parlor Walls).

Nitehawk presents a screening of short films that come from the original surrealist cannon to accompany the Summer of Surrealism program featuring contemporary surrealist cinema. Screening iconic silent films – Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali’s Un Chien Andalou (1928), Man Ray’s L’Etoile de Mer (1928), Germaine Dulac’s La coquille et le clergyman (1928) and Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) – we cover the beginning of surrealism in cinema up to the beginnings of its influence in other styles of filmmaking.

Providing the live score to our Surrealist Shorts program is Alyse Lamb (EULA and Parlor Walls). You can usually hear Alyse Lamb’s voice cutting through waves of feedback as front lady for the noise trio EULA. You can also find Alyse warping her guitar into a bass computer in experimental duo Parlor Walls. With a degree in classical composition she enjoys making her own leotards.

Part of Nitehawk’s upcoming SUMMER OF SURREALISM program. Featuring Absolut Vodka Cocktails.