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Director: Craig Denney Run Time: 96 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1976

Starring: Craig Denney, Darrien Earle, Arthyr Chadbourne

In the tradition of The Holy Mountain, Pink Flamingos and The Room comes a slice of batsh*t cinema that must be viewed at midnight. This rarely screened cult oddity is a fascinating passion project (the sole film from director/star Craig Denny) that combines carny mysticism, international high adventure and a Christ allegory for good measure. After Craig Denny (in his egomaniacal glory) failed to secure rights to The Moody Blues tunes heard throughout the film, THE ASTROLOGER never received an official release.

In an era where the trashiest, weirdest films are getting 4k scans from Arrow, Vinegar Syndrome and Shout! Factory, THE ASTROLOGER remains a quaint reminder of tape-trading days and the golden age of cult films. Here is a movie that will most likely NEVER receive an official Blu-Ray or DVD. Not only do you need to see this on the big screen with a wild midnite audience… you have to.

This may be your only chance to see THE ASTROLOGER in 2018.