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Poster for The Baby

The Baby

Director: Ted Post Run Time: 84 min. Format: 35mm Rating: PG Release Year: 1973

Starring: Anjanette Comer, David Mooney, Marianna Hill, Ruth Roman, Susanne Zenor

Who will come out victorious in the battle to be the mother of…THE BABY? This cult classic screens in 35mm!

The Baby is arguably one of the most bizarre psychological horror movies ever produced and it’s a devilish delight to play a voyeur unto the madness. In addition to the main narrative premise revolving around a grown-up man-baby (and that’s enough!), there’s  a bad ass mother, the molesting babysitter, incest, canned baby screams/laughter, tremendously bad hair, a swinging party, and duplicitous murder…essentially you have one hell of story on your hands. Laughing at this outlandishness while being completely in awe is part of The Baby’s irresistible charms. Bizarre from its very first moment, it descends into utter insanity with a twist ending that amps up the WTF factor exponentially. It’s camp without the pomp, horror without the gore, a bad movie gone awfully good.

Part of Nitehawk’s May ASK ME ABOUT MY MOTHER series.