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The Boogey Man

Director: Uli Lommel Run Time: 82 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1980

Starring: John Carridine, Suzanna Love, Nicholas Love, Ron James

Creep into the Halloween season with The Deuce and the looney-bin bizarre-ity of THE BOOGEY MAN! (that’s 2 words!) The scars of childhood trauma fester in the befuddled minds of their grown brother and sister adult selves.. awakened by the “magic mirror” that “witnessed” said trauma! Forcing seemingly well-adjusted sister Lacy and weird brother (weird) Willy (played by real-life sibs!) to come to terms with their troubled past… Trippy! Tense! Totally wack-a-doo!

The “most famous” in a string of strange and stranger films from Fassbinder alumn Ulli Lommel and his through-the-eighties collaborator/muse/wife, DuPont-heiress Suzanna Love… Disregard any naysaying about this nutty little nugget – you’ll (Suzanna) love it just like those lungers lounging around Times Square’s decrepit Anco Theater did!