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The Entity

Director: Sidney J. Furie Run Time: 125 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1982

Starring:  George Coe,  Margaret Blye, Barbara Hershey, David Labiosa, Ron Silver

Based on a true story… that isn’t over yet.

Presented in 35mm.

Late one evening, an invisible evil descends on Carla Moran, a young mother living in California. Attacked and raped in the night by her invisible assailant, the woman seeks help from friends and family; doctors and psychiatrists — all of whom think her more crazy than under assault. It’s not until she meets two parapsychologists that her case gets taken seriously. Desperate, Carla agrees to a dangerous experiment to lure the entity into a trap using her as the bait. Based on a true story (except not really).

Part of Nitehawk’s January BECAUSE I’M EVIL midnite series.