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Run Time: 150 min. Rating: N/A

THE EYESLICER is a new punk rock variety TV show collecting America’s boldest short-form filmmaking into hourlong visual mixtapes that will mince your retinas into delicious ceviche.

Fresh off the show’s world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, join us for the first ever screening of three never-before-seen episodes of The Eyeslicer:

Episode 101: Paint Your Dreams at Night
Episode 103: Digital Sensations
Episode 104: School Spirit Plummets

Featuring talking toilets, tamagotchis, karaoke hits about the singularity, a live web stream of your own birth, a Faces of Death-inspired virginity experience, pilot lessons for the Washington Generals, overnight bus rides through Silicon Valley, faking sick to get high on the beach, police at a high school prom, the closing of Blockbuster video, rollerskating, love poetry, Facebook prostitution, mask-making, gymnastics, haunted high school yearbooks, parents getting turned into cats, and much, much more.

Plus, immediately following the screening two special guests will present a LIVE GENITAL HEALTH PRESENTATION.

Directed by Jack Dunphy, Augustine Frizzell, Leah Shore, Elizabeth Lo, Ornana, Zach Jones, Joanna Arnow, Bradley Bischoff, Sasha Gransjean, Ryan Weibush, Jillian Mayer & Lucas Levya, Garrett Bradley, Ben Wheele and C. Spencer Yeh, Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan, Harrison Atkins, Daniel Laabs, Christopher Radcliff, Kelly Sears, Colin Healey, Izzi Galindo, Jennifer Reeder, and The Eyeslicer.