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Poster for The Fly (1958)
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The Fly (1958)

Director: Kurt Neumann Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1958

Starring: David Hedison, Herbert Marshall, Patricia Owens, Vincent Price

A teleportation experiment has a shocking end for an ambitious scientist in THE FLY!

Imagine you have a scientist partner who toils away the days in the laboratory and eventually presents to you the discovery of the century: he’s invented a teleportation machine. Joy! Now imagine there’s a small hiccup when he teleports himself and half turns into the fly who snuck into his device while that fly has half turned into him. Would anyone believe you? Would you believe it? What lengths would you go to fix it? The Fly surely isn’t a pretty tale but it’s a good one full of shocking reveals and gory ends. Starring the legendary Vincent Price as the non-insect brother, The Fly disrupts the nuclear family ideal and taps into the atomic mutilation fear of the 1950s that still gives us a damn good fright.

Part of Nitehawk’s October SCIENCE! midnite and brunch series.