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The Invader

Director: Nicolas Provost Run Time: 135 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR Release Year: 2011 Language: French and English

Starring: Issaka Sawadogo, Stefania Rocca

The Invader (NY premiere organized by Filmmaker Mag) and the short Play House are part of the Northside Film Festival. There will be a Q&A after the screening with Nicoloas Provost.

Amadou, a strong and charismatic African man, is washed up on a beach in southern Europe. Fate leads him to Brussels where, full of optimism, he tries to make a better life for himself. Exploited by traffickers, his daily life is slowly drained of hope, until he meets Agnès, a beautiful and brilliant businesswoman. She is seduced by his charm and force of character, while he projects all his hope and dreams onto her. The illusion quickly shatters, and Agnès breaks all contact with Amadou, who little by little sinks into destructive violence, struggling with his inner demons.

Play House (Brandon LaGanke, 2012, 10 Mins). The only thing keeping Harold’s family bound is his unconditional love for them. Starring Larry Petersen, Angela Pierce, John Reese, Gianna LePera and Megan Mann.