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Poster for The North Canyon

The North Canyon

Run Time: 95 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

New York Surf Film Festival presents a screening of Step N’ Soul, Cactus Wagon, and The North Canyon: Nazaré Calling…

Step N’ Soul  (2012) directed by Toma Jablon, starring Sam Bleakley (5 minutes)
Step N Soul is a short film that explores the synergy between jazz, surfing, dance and improvisation by capturing a series of surfing performances choreographed and synchronised to Wynton Marsalis Sunflowers track. It features English pro surfer Sam Bleakley who uses an mp3 waterproof player and surfs his longboard while listening to Marsalis track.

This is a unique approach to surf film making and surfing itself. The goal is to explore more of the potential the music brings to our experiences through action sport and life in general.

Cactus Wagon  (2012) directed by Denny Aaberg, starring Jan-Michael Vincent and Denny Aaberg (10 minutes)
When Big Wednesday went south, so did its star, Jan-Michael Vincent. He hauled the film’s screenwriter, Denny Aaberg, with him. Turns out Denny had a Super-8 Camera. Across the border and into the hills they went. To the ag towns and bracero buses of the Valle de San Quintin. Through the sage-to-Sonoran transition zone of Roasario de Arriba. Past the charismatic mega flora of the Valle de los Cirios. Onward through the featureless Vizcaino. And finally – finally! To San Juanicio. Rattlesnake Point. Punta Pequena. Scorpion Bay.

In this short film you’ll see Scorpion one year after the trans-peninsula highway was opened. No streets, no services, no Gringo Hill. Hardscrabble, empty, and perfect. Aaberg and Vincent surfed, drank, and licked their wounds. As the film’s Matt Barlow, Jan-Michael, said, “I surf just ’cause it’s good to ride with your friends.” Here’s Jan – and Denny – doing just that.

The North Canyon: Nazaré Calling (2011) with Garrett McNamara directed by Garrett McNamara, Polvo Concepts, Paulo Caldeira, Gustavo Neves, starring Garrett McNamara, Nicole Macias, Cj Macias, Andrew Cotton, Al Mennie (60 minutes)
In October 2011 Garrett McNamara returned to explore the giant waves formed by the Nazaré Canyon. This is the story of one month leading up to an incredible ride, told by a group of people who helped to shine light on one of the biggest wave spots in the world.