Poster for The Scary of Sixty-First

The Scary of Sixty-First

Director: Dasha Nekrasova Run Time: 81 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2021

Starring: Madeline Quinn, Dasha Nekrasova, Betsey Brown, Stephen Gurewitz, Mark Rapaport, Anna Khachiya

A cheap Upper East Side apartment seems like a dream for roommates Addie (Betsey Brown) and Noelle (Madeline Quinn), but when the apartment’s odd history indicates it all might be ”too good to be true,” the pair begin unraveling the dark secrets of their new home and its notorious former owner.

Addressing the #MeToo movement and contemporary conspiracy theories with satire, wit, and thrills, Dasha Nekrasova’s directorial debut is a biting genre-bender that brings Eyes Wide Shut into the QAnon age.