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The Sexualist

Director: Kemal Horulu Run Time: 73 min. Format: DCP Rating: X Release Year: 1973

Starring: Dale T. Fuller, Jennifer Welles, Jon Oppenheim

A tongue-in-cheek examination of sex films as a beautiful starlet learns the ins and outs of show business, the HARD way! Screening a new DCP restoration.

The Sexualist chronicles the production of part-time astrologist Jeffrey Montclair’s latest nudie movie. Jumping between self-parody and bizarre screwball antics, and complete with a ‘gay gorilla,’ director Kemal Horulu’s mind-bending satire of the sex film industry serves as a textbook example of oddball, experimental filmmaking from the earliest years of hardcore feature films.

The Sexualist is part of our Nitehawk Naughties 2014 program in partnership with Vinegar Syndrome – intended for mature audiences.