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The Squeeze

Director: Antonio Margheriti Run Time: 89 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1978

Starring: Edward Albert, Karen Black, Lee Van Cleef

“Uncle” Bill Lustig joins THE DEUCE once again for his annual selection – and this time he’s taking us to the Times Square Theatre circa April of 1981, for Antonio Margheriti’s THE SQUEEZE – starring Lee Van Cleef and Karen Black!!

Plus: Prizes and surprises at the after-party with music by Maestro Jeff! Hosted and presented by THE DEUCE JOCKEYS: Jeff, Andy, and Joe!

Anthony Dawson’s (aka Antonio Margheriti’s) Italian crime-caper lensed on the surly streets of 1978 Manhattan! “Retired” cracker-jack safe-cracker, Lee Van Cleef, lured into “one last job” to “help a buddy out” … The ‘cliches’ are just the beginning of this bonkers brouhaha! Six million dollars worth of diamonds leads to double-crossin’ disaster … Hot-rocks and hot lead! All set to hot disco beats!! Karate-choppin’ muscle-men, the German Mafia (?) and … Karen Black!!! With bevy of veteran character actors chewin’ up the scenery, THE SQUEEZE (aka THE RIP-OFF) has more moxie and sleaze up its sleeve than you’re likely to see for some time!

All DEUCE screenings are 35mm presentations.
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Deuce Jockeys: Jeff, Joe, Andy, Max, Andrew
Featuring drink specials courtesy of Fernet Branca