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Poster for The Thing From Another World (1951)

The Thing From Another World (1951)

Director:  Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks Run Time: 87 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 1951

Starring:  Dewey Martin,  James Young,  Robert Cornthwaite, James Arness, Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan

Drop into a North Pole research base with Nitehawk’s BOOZE & BOOKS special winter screening of the best science fiction film of the 1950s, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD! 

Screening beforehand is Object Cinema by Darren banks; an artist film about the life cycle of The Thing an idea and its many material and immaterial filmic forms. Giveaways courtesy of Out of Print and The Strand. Featuring an after-party courtesy of Reyka Vodka!

BOOK DRIVE! We’ll also be hosting a book drive with Books Through Bars for dictionaries and science-fiction/graphic novels to send to incarcerated people across the nation. Please note that paperbacks and books free of marketing are best.

Book: The Thing From Another World is first film adaptation of John Campbell Jr.’s short story, “Wh o Goes There?” 
Booze: Inspired Reyka Vodka cocktail 

When scientist Dr. Carrington reports a UFO near his North Pole research base, the Air Force sends in a team under Capt. Patrick Hendry to investigate. What they find is a wrecked spaceship and a humanoid creature frozen in the ice. They bring their discovery back to the base, but Carrington and Hendry disagree over what to do with it. Meanwhile, the creature is accidentally thawed and begins wreaking havoc.