The Wiz

Director: Sidney Lumet Run Time: 134 min. Format: DCP Rating: G Release Year: 1978

Starring: Diana Ross, Lena Horne, Mabel King, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Richard Pryor, Ted Ross

Get on down, get on down the road…The grooviest adaptation of The Wizard of Oz you’ll ever see!

Adapted from a 1975 musical of the same name, The Wiz is an urban retelling of Dorothy’s journey to the wonderful world of Oz. In this re-imagining, Dorothy Gale (Diana Ross) is a young schoolteacher in Harlem who find herself in Oz after becoming swept away in a magical snowstorm. Cue all the familiar characters but on a different bent: graffiti taggers, the Scarecrow played by Michael Jackson, the flying monkeys motorcycle gang. There’s also a lot of New York references here (New York Public Library, The World Trade Centers, Harlem) and the songs, well, you’ll be clicking your heels…

Part of Nitehawk’s midnite THE DISCO MUSICAL program.