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Poster for They Live Wth Prodigy & Sacha Jenkins

They Live Wth Prodigy & Sacha Jenkins

Director: John Carpenter Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1988

Starring: Keith David, Meg Foster, Roddy Piper

Nitehawk and Mass Appeal present a special screening of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE.

Post screening talk/Q&A with Prodigy moderated by Sacha Jenkins where they will further explore Prodigy’s fascination with everything Illuminati and conspiracy based philosophies.

In this 1988 John Carpenter classic a homeless drifter discovers a reason for the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor: a conspiracy by non-human aliens who have infiltrated American society in the guise of wealthy yuppies. With the help of special sunglasses that reveal the aliens’ true faces and their subliminal messages (“marry and reproduce,” “submit to authority”), our hero tries to stop the invasion. This satire of Reaganomics and the “greed is good” era also has one of the funniest (and longest) fight scenes in American cinema.

Prodigy, generally acknowledged as the more lyrically gifted member of New York hardcore rap duo Mobb Deep, has been extremely vocal in his lyrics about conspiracy theories, Illuminati and secret societies throUghout his entire career. His latest album, The Hegelian Dialectic, released in early 2017, digs even deeper into his conspiracy theories’ believes and studies.

Sacha Jenkins (director/executive producer): Sacha currently is the creative director at
Mass Appeal. He was a co-founder of the music journal ego trip, an editor at Vibe, and
his past works have appeared in major publications such as Rolling Stone and Spin. Sacha
has penned major works on hip hop, graffiti and youth culture. His filmmaking debut was
the 2015 Sundance Film Festival favorite with Fresh Dressed, which was acquired by
CNN Films and has been a smash success on Netflix.