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Director: Dennis Devine, Eugene James, Jay Woelfel Run Time: 81 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1993

Starring: Kinder Hunt, Maegen, Jesse Lizarraga, Jeff Burr, Scott Pierce, Judith Montgomery

They are creatures created by the evils of men!

In this sick and slimy SOV monster anthology, a man’s mistress is trapped by his gun-wielding wife, who subjects her to two tales as a twisted form of revenge. In the first, a would-be brothel owner and crew face off against a puritanical mayor with a mysterious box housing an ancient creature he uses as punishment. In the second, a woman’s nightmares about her abusive husband slowly come to life as she tries to escape the real monster growing inside him.

From prolific indie producer David S. Sterling (Camp Blood, Demonicus, Witchcraft) and directed by Jay Woelfel (Beyond Dream’s Door), Dennis Devine (Fatal Images), and Eugene James (Dead Girls), Things spares no exploitation trope or gross-out practical effect in telling it’s tawdry and oozy tales of inhumanity in all its analog glory.