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Poster for Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival
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Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival

Run Time: 90 min. Format: 16mm Rating: NR Release Year: 1970

The Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival: SCHOOL BELLS. ALL 16mm FILM SHOW!

An assortment of rare, bizarre, funny and quirky 16mm cartoons from the 1910s thru the 40s that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

School bells are ringing! It’s time to get back to class and learn a thing or two, Cartoon Carnival style. Tom Stathes has hand-selected a group of weird, wacky, funny and obscure 16mm cartoons and educational films from the 1910s thru the 1940s that take place in the classroom or are educational in nature. There will be a couple well-known classic cartoon favorites, obscure curiosities and stop-motion wonders; all shown in actual vintage film prints. Pass a note to your classmates and tell them to attend –there’ll be no excuses for playing hooky this time!  

Tom Stathes is a “Cartoon Cryptozoologist” with a rare film print collection comprised of over 1,000 shorts. His archive consists of pivotal series like Farmer Alfalfa, Felix the Cat, Out of the Inkwell, and many more. A native-New Yorker and lifelong cartoon fan, Stathes turned his passion for the city’s early animation legacy into a preservation mission. Tom’s long term goal has been to acquire and preserve early animated films as well as reintroduce them to the public. For more information about this historic undertaking, check out and