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Poster for Trashcans of Terror

Trashcans of Terror

Director: Chuck Handy Run Time: 72 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1985

Starring: Chuck Handy, Terri Heater, Larry Frampton, Les Rigwood, Steve Overbay

After a chance encounter with a female bodybuilder – who is also an alien – loner and reluctant hero Percy “Spider” Leibowitz falls madly in love. She soon goes missing, and he turns to his military pal to find her and battle the army of deadly, intergalactic trash cans who he thinks are responsible – trashcans that also happen to be hell bent on taking over earth.

This wildly obscure, never-released homemade sci-fi opus from Oregon’s Chuck Handy is stunningly hypnotizing in its simplicity and weirdness, dropping you into a lo-res otherworld from the first frame and leaving you there to marinate in the thick, hazy syrup of a one-of-a-kind consumer grade VHS universe.

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