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Poster for True Romance

True Romance

Director: Tony Scott Run Time: 120 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1993

Starring: Brad Pitt, Bronson Pinchot, Christian Slater, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, James Gandolofini, Michael Rapaport, Patricia Arquette, Samuel L. Jackson, Val Kilmer

Nitehawk Cinema Presents
Sponsored by Lagunitas

The crazy little love story of Clarence and Alabama.

Spend a romantic dinner at Nitehawk with Alabama, Clarence, and the mob for our special Valentine’s Day Film Feasts presentation of TRUE ROMANCE. As always, the screening includes delicious beverage and food menu pairings related to the film. The best part? You’ll be served each course during the specific moments that inspired the film so you can experience edible sensations while watching the action unfold on-screen!

The Quentin Tarantino penned True Romance certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill love story but the passion (borderline obsession) between Clarence and his reformed hooker wife Alabama sure is palpable. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde, they meet, fall in love, and then proceed to steal a whole lot of drugs from her pimp. As with most things in love and life, things are never easy (there’s murders and mobsters) but the one thing that remains true is their romance. The film includes stellar performances by Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, Brad Pitt (as a total pothead), and James Gandolfini. Even “Elvis” makes a cameo.

MENU ($75)

Movie Theater Popcorn
popcorn, goobers, raisinets

Drink Pairing: Lagunitas Pils

Detroit Egg Roll – The Hani
fried chicken, citrus ranch, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, wonton wrapper, tomato relish
Drink Pairing: Lagunitas IPA

You’re an Eggplant
prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin with moorish spices, sicilian eggplant caponata, and saffron sauce

Drink Pairing: Lagunitas Imperial Stout

Read my lips…NO!
powdered sugar doughnuts with pomegranate and blood orange jam

Drink Pairing: Lagunitas Sucks

Talking with the King
Oddfellows Elvis Shake

Drink Pairing: Lagunitas Kronik

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