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Twist w/ Straw Dogs

Director: Sam Peckinpah Run Time: 123 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1971

Directed by Aly Migliori | 2019 | 10 min
No choice but to walk home alone, Hannah (Helena Howard) sees an opportunity for a ride, but others see an opportunity in her.

On why she selected the film: “Straw Dogs and Twist both bathe in the internal chaos of harassment, and while they take different pathways to redemption, each give a clear and terrifying insight into unclear circumstances.”

David Sumner (Dustin Hoffman), a mild-mannered academic from the United States, marries Amy (Susan George), an Englishwoman. In order to escape a hectic stateside lifestyle, David and his wife relocate to the small town in rural Cornwall where Amy was raised. There, David is ostracized by the brutish men of the village, including Amy’s old flame, Charlie (Del Henney). Eventually the taunts escalate, and two of the locals rape Amy. This sexual assault awakes a shockingly violent side of David.