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Poster for The Usual Suspects
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The Usual Suspects

Director: Bryan Singer Run Time: 106 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1995

Starring:  Benicio Del Toro,  Kevin Pollak,  Pete Postlethwaite, Chazz Palminteri, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Baldwin

Find out about Gabriel Bryne’s deal with the devil Keyser Soze in THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

In The Usual Suspects, a multi-million dollar heist in San Pedro Harbor ends with an explosion, few survivors, and a whole lot of questions. The story of the ordeal unfolds after five suspects are hauled into the Los Angeles police department, including Dean Keaton (Gabriel Bryne) who’s a former corrupt police officer involved in the massacre. But it’s a disabled con man called Verbal Kint who weaves the tale of evil crime lord Keyser Soze, whom he describes as the one who lead himself and the other suspects to the harbor. Kint’s description of Soze’s stature and the incident will have you mesmerized until the revealing end.

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