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Vampire Lovers

Director: Roy Ward Baker Run Time: 91 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1970

Starring: George Cole, Ingrid Pitt, Kate O'Mara, Peter Cushing

You’ll really sink your teeth into this tale of a sexy vampire who targets young, rich women in 18th century Germany. This Live Sound Cinema event features a live score by the electronic duo a place both wonderful and strange.

Lush, buxom, and a glorious mix of the Victorian-era meets the 1960s, no one does vampire movies quite like Hammer Films. In Vampire Lovers, the sexy late Ingrid Pitt plays not one but three characters as the lady-leaning vampire who has come to suck the life out of the rich in 18th century Germany. Targeting the bosoms of young and beautiful woman (she only bites men when absolutely necessary), she begins to leave a lot of bodies in her wake. Bring in Peter Cushing as the vampire expect (echoing his Van Helsing roles in the earlier Dracula Hammer Films) to save the town from an undead mess.

a place both wonderful and strange is Russ Marshalek, formerly of Brooklyn’s Lynch-influenced electronic duo Silent Drape Runners. After touring that project across the country for a string of sold out re-soundtracking shows over a year and a half, the duo parted ways, with Marshalek continuing to make smeary, dark Twin Peaks-y electronic dance pop music. Live, a place both wonderful and strange features the post-apocalyptic futurist ingenue Ghost Cop on vocals.