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Poster for Very Animated Sexy Night

Very Animated Sexy Night

Run Time: 76 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2019

Get ready for a debaucherous selection of sexy shorts will have your palms sweating and your seat squeaking. Join Vimeo curator Jeffrey Bowers as he screens recent and classic erotically-themed animated shorts from the last three decades. From poignant to pure crazy, these 15 shorts run the gamut of sex, from introspective dissertations on small, curved penises to music made exclusively from spanking sounds to straight up porn.

The styles and techniques these films employ range from stop-motion to CGI, but each filmmaker uses them to get at a weird and singular truth that only animation can access. Filmmaker Naomi Uman’s profound Removed finds the filmmaker commenting on gender roles by literally removing a woman from an 8mm porn footage using traditionally feminine products. Acclaimed animator Jeff Scher, whose work often appears on the New York Times, screens his seldom seen Cunning Stunts, a gorgeously hand-painted rotoscope that finds the beauty in hardcore porn. The program, like sex, shifts from moving and deep to fun and WTF including a deranged, meta foot fetish piece from Cool 3D World and a masturbating, life-size bear puppet in The Blindness of the Woods.

Whatever your fetish might be, you’ll find something to satisfy it in this unique screening of very animated sex.

Supervenus (2013)
Directed by Frederic Doazan
A plastic surgeon creates a new Venus.
(3 minutes)

Cunning Stunts (2004)
Directed by Jeff Scher
Using found clippings of French novels, hotel business cards, old show flyers, bits of his stamp collection, and a whole lot of pasteled, goached, and watercolored paintings, animator Jeff Scher honors the rythms and motions of sex.
(2 minutes)

Pussy (2017)
Directed by Renata Gasiorowska
A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have some sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan.
(8 minutes)

Things I Should Stop Thinking about Thinking (2014)
Directed by Dan Castro
A film about boobs, sex and boys being happy – or not.
A brief look at what stress feels like from inside the head of a youngish bloke.
(1 minute)

Teat Beat of Sex #1 & 4 & 7 (2008)
Writer/director Signe Baumane present
A take on sex exclusively from a woman’s point of view. Showcasing three episodes from Signe Baumane’s acclaimed series.
(6 minutes)

Who’s the Daddy (2017)
Directed by Wong Ping
:< A Tinder tragedy.
:0 An unexpected child.
;( A journey finding my root of shame.
Inspired by true story
(10 minutes)

Destiny/Fate (Keep Going) (2018)
Directors Cool 3D World present
Destiny and Fate go toe to toe in the battle for a pornographer’s pleasure.
(1 minute)

Shunga (2016)
Directed by Roberto Biadi
A hypersexualized stream of consciousness animation that sees humans, demons, and animals morphing, exploding and becoming each other.
(1 minute)

Removed (1999)
Directed by Naomi Uman
Removed is a short film made up of pictures from porn films. The naked woman, an object of desire, is removed from the image with bleach and nail varnish. The viewer is forced to think about man-woman relationships.
(7 minutes)

Short Stories About Love (2015)
Directed by Darío Alva
A glitch in the romantic system allowed this shocking and peculiar brand of love to be told.
(4 minutes)

MLX (2017)
Directed by Simon Landrein
This butt can dance.
(2 minutes)

Superbia (2016)
Directed by Luca Toth
The native people of the surrealistic land of Superbia, where men and women form separate societies, face the changes sparked by the first equal couple in their history.
(15 minutes)

Hot Tea (2018)
Directed by Marcel Tigchelaar
In this hand drawn animation without dialogue, a man indulges in the vapour of a glass of hot tea. He drifts off to a colourful world where scents seem to be visualised and assume physical powers. Just when the man’s pleasure builds up to a sensual climax, the glass throws a spanner in the works.
(2 minutes)

The Blindness of the Woods    (2009)
Directed by Martin Jalfen and Javier Lourenco
A mash-up story of fairy tales and 1970s Nordic erotic films.
(12 minutes)

X.Y.U. (2019)
Directed by Donny Sansone
A hand-drawn morphing sexual circus in the vein of Bill Plympton’s famous “Plymptoons.”
(2 minutes)