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Director: Ken Kwapis Run Time: 99 min. Format: 35mm Rating: PG Release Year: 1988

Starring: Cyndi Lauper, Jeff Goldblum, Peter Falk, Michael Lerner, Julian Sands, Van Dyke Parks

Feel the Love of The Deuce wafting in the air this February with the fabulously daffy Valentine-y laffy-taffy confection of confounding cockamamie: VIBES!!

Sylvia Pickle (Lauper) and Nick Deezy (Goldblum) are head-butting NYC ESP-ers embroiled in an Ecuadorian mis-adventure with mythic ramifications!! Hired by everyone’s fave con-man Colombo – née Peter Falk – for a false lost-son search, they find themselves up against gangsters, evil doctors, and maybe even E.T.s (!!) in a race to uncover the storied “Lost City of Gold”… and love dost bloom amongst the gold!! Does Deezy get in a Pickle?? You better believe it!!

Surprisingly, Cyndi Lauper’s single starring role – “surprisingly” in light of how genuinely genius the Queens kewpie proves herself to be in this funkily freaky pasta-fazool of a film… It’s a jaw-dropping disaster that it didn’t lead to more parts for the pixie!! At least the girls at Cine 42 got to have some fun while their nerd-o boyfriends waited with bated breath for the co-feature Midnight Run to begin…