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Poster for Vimeo Staff Picks with Live Director’s Commentary #3

Vimeo Staff Picks with Live Director’s Commentary #3

Run Time: 75 min. Release Year: 2019

A person talking during a film can be the most annoying thing imaginable – unless that person is the director. Join Vimeo curator Jeffrey Bowers as he screens recent and upcoming Staff Picked films with live, unscripted commentary from some of the best creators on Vimeo. Founded in 2008, Vimeo Staff Picks has emerged as one of the preeminent channels for online video and one of the most coveted awards for young filmmakers, having helped launch the careers of many celebrated directors. Hear from the next generation of storytellers in a format that’s sure to be eclectic and insightful.

The entire program will screen once, then a second time with commentary by the directors.

the Scared is Scared
Director Bianca Giaever
2013 / 8 MIN
I asked a six-year-old what my movie should be about, and this is what he told me.

A Brief History of John Baldessari
Directors Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman
2012 / 6 MIN
The life and work of artist John Baldessari.

Hurray for the Riff Raff – Pa’lante
Director Kristian Mercado
2018 / 8 MIN
Pa’lante is the story of an estranged family trying to reconnect in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Prom Night
Director Celia Rowlson Hall
2010 / 9 MIN
Prom night is ritual, disco balls, expectation, corsages, dresses, holding, sweating, status, dancing slow and fast.

Young Thug – Wyclef Jean
Directors Ryan Staake and Young Thug
2018 / 5 MIN
Ryan Staake co-directed this music video with Young Thug, but never met him and he’s the star.