Where In The Hell Is The Lavender House: The Longmont Potion Castle Story

Director: David Hall, Thomas Rotenberg Run Time: 95 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 2018

Two filmmakers attempt to make a documentary about an anonymous phone-work artist called Longmont Potion Castle who’s been releasing albums of surreal and hilarious prank calls for over thirty years. In spite of a semi-successful crowdfunding campaign and the involvement of celebrity fans, the filmmakers succumb to their own infighting and bad luck leaving an unpaid camera operator to finish the film.

A film within a film, Where in the Hell is the Lavender House? captures the history and ethos of Longmont Potion Castle while following a pair of filmmakers in over their heads. Featuring calls and interviews with Rainn Wilson, Dave Mustaine, Alex Trebek, Travis Ryan, Andrew Bujalski and many more, Where in the Hell is the Lavender House? is not only a glimpse into the mind an incredible artist, it’s also a cautionary tale of how not to make a documentary.