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Poster for Wolfen
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Director: Michael Wadleigh Run Time: 115 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1981

Starring: Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Gregory Hines

Who Is Killing The Great Real-Estate Tycoons Of NYC?… THE DEUCE finds out when we take you to The Harris Theatre for WOLFEN!

Plus: Prizes and surprises, Bronx Brewery Pale Ale at the after-party, and music by DJ BONES! Hosted and presented by THE DEUCE JOCKEYS: Jeff, Andy, and Joe!

Just Added: Actor Tom Noonan will be joining The Deuce boys for a special Q&A following the film!

A bevy of grisly beheadings with connections to bombed-out-Bronx building development bewilders NYC Homicide cop Albert Finney and finicky coroner friend Gregory Hines – they’re just not biting on this B.S. of ‘terrorists’ being behind it all. Sound familiar? But things get even more bizarre when ‘high-steel’ American Indian Activists and self-described ‘shape-shifters’ start showing up on the suspects list. Suffice it to say: someone or some-THING is out there trying to level the playing field and it will tear the scream from your throat!!

The only non-Woodstock film directed by Michael Wadleigh from the novel by Whitley Strieber. Starring Albert Finney, Gregory Hines, Edward James Olmos, Diane Venora… and creepy Tom Noonan as a nutty zoologist!