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Zombie Bloodbath

Director: Todd Sheets Run Time: 70 min. Format: VHS Rating: NR Release Year: 1993

Starring: Auggi Alvarez, Chris Harris, Frank Dunlay

In Zombie Bloodbath, the U.S. Government builds a subterranean nuclear power plant on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. As radiation brings the deceased natives back to life as zombies and turns everyone at the plant into blood-crazed zombies, a group of teenagers defends the area from imminent attack.Todd Sheets’ 1993 SOV Epic Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Bloodbath, is a sprawling effort to dangerously smush Day Of The Dead into Dawn Of The Dead.

Zombie Bloodbath is co-presented with Wild Eye Releasing who will be providing exclusive content for the pre-show.