Video: Mariachi Flor de Toloache

Nitehawk is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a very special Country Brunchin screening of The Three Amigos on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 (Buy tickets!) But what we’re most excited about is the pre-show serenade by New York’s first and ONLY all-female mariachi band, Flor de Toloache! Check out this video from a recent performance to see how amazing they are!

Post No Bills: Jim Henson and The Muppets

March Brunch: Muppets/Post Muppets | Buy Tickets

This month we’re pretty excited to play four features from The Jim Henson Company, founded by the puppeteer who built an empire at his felt and googly-eye sweatshop. There have been a lot of Muppet produced TV specials and direct-to-video releases over the last thirty-plus years, but only thirteen theatrical features. Below we’ve collected some high-rez posters from The Muppets and beyond, excluding stuff like Muppets Wizard of Oz, partially because it was never released in theaters, but also because it’s way crappy.

The-Muppet-Movie-Poster-Small4The Muppet Movie (1979)

10 Things: The Rape of Europa

14europa-600THE RAPE OF EUROPA (2006) | Saturday, February 22 & Sunday, February 23 at Noon | Buy Tickets

Ten things about the brilliant documentary, The Rape of Europa, that looks at how art influenced strategy during World War II and how the ramifications of stolen artworks continues to be an issue today. 

1) The documentary is based on a book by Lynn H. Nicholas called The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe’s Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War.

2) The scene in which they detail the evacuation of the Louvre includes very nerve-wracking footage of Winged Victory being transported down those many, many stairs. I still wonder if they’ll make it or not each time I watch it.

3) The Monuments Men were often called “Venus Fixers” by the troops.

Degenerate Art exhibition4) In 1937 the Nazi’s “Degenerate Art” exhibition in Munich ignited museums across Europe to plan to protect their works of art in the face of pending war. Lists are made of important works and unassuming sites/routes are fixed.

10 Things (we love about): ROAD HOUSE

MSDROHO EC050ROADHOUSE (Rowdy Herrington, 1989) | Buy Tickets

You love Road House, we love Road House! And we’ve recounted the ways below (taken from a previous post on account of our 2012 “Crazy for Swayze” series. The beloved Road House, in which Patrick Swayze not only cleans up a bar (and the town!) but also wins the heart of Kelly Lynch’s nurse, kicks off our February brunch program “Lovers and Fighters.” Don’t miss!

Ten Things: Road House
1) Ben Gazzarra as the bad guy.
2) Probably the most inappropriate fight comment about prison ever!
3) Swayze’s hair.
4) Swayze’s ridiculously cut body.
5) Kelly Lynch’s 80?s underwear.
6) A special appearance of John Doe.
7) A blind musician performing behind a cage.
8) Cars as weapons.
9) Killer sculptures.
10) It’s not Dirty Dancing

Two Years of Brunch at Nitehawk: THE BREAKFAST CLUB

breakfastclub-benderThe Breakfast Club (John Hughes, 1985) | Buy Tickets 

It was a dark and stormy brunch…Well not really, but the tale of Nitehawk’s first repertory brunch screening certainly had a “behind-the-scenes” terror to it. And since we’re re-showing the film that launched it all this weekend we decided over here on Hatched to recoup some of our trauma and briefly share the experience. 

It was two years ago that we initiated our rep brunches with the appropriately themed flickThe Breakfast Club. As we do, it was pretty perfectly themed with a special meal that came out in a brown bag and pixie sticks but it quickly turned into total chaos when we realized that the wave of enthusiasm for this film was going to hit like a tidal wave. Armed with two servers, one runner, a small kitchen, and one very kind-hearted owner, the next two hours involved an intense amount of running around, breathing exercises, occasional yelling, and lots and lots of booze. It was kind of like a work-related anxiety dream come to life and while we all went a bit mad, we did somehow manage to get most (maybe even all?) of the orders out before Judd Nelson gives Molly Ringwald his earring.

Writing this down, it doesn’t really convey the true horror of a full audience waiting for their first meal of the day but that’s ok because it hasn’t been like that since. So we all hope that in celebration of two years of surviving this brunch and enjoying all the ones that came after, you’ll join throw your first in the air ala John Bender with us this weekend in a little Breakfast Club reunion. Sorry, no pixie sticks allowed!

The Art of Fear: The Picture of Dorian Gray

the-picture-of-dorian-gray-1945-everettART SEEN: The Picture of Dorian Gray (Albert Lewin, 1945) | Buy Tickets

In The Picture of Dorian Gray – a young man’s debauchery and vice manifests in his portrait after his wish to remain young is mysteriously granted. 

The following is a re-post from the co-editor’s blog, The Girl Who Knew Too Much

The story goes like this: Dorian Gray is a young man so distraught after realizing that his portrait, painted by friend Basil Hallward, would always exist in a beautiful youthful moment while he would eventually age and whither that he manages to magically transmit the residue from his ‘lust for life’ experiences onto this painting. Meaning that the painting would bare the brunt of these actions, turning ugly and old while Dorian remained the same. His decades-long reign of the 19th century’s version of ‘sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll’ (and murder) leads him down many regretful paths. He tortures himself by viewing each of the portrait’s new evil transformations but revels in his cheating of death. It’s only until a young woman believes in his goodness that he, rather forcibly, expels his history from the painting back onto himself and dies a hideous old man.

Marnie Weber – The Night of Forevermore

marnie-nofArtist Film Club: Marnie Weber’s The Night of Forevermore screens before The Picture of Dorian Gray this weekend | BUY TICKETS

If it is said that Hieronymus Bosch draws with his brush, then Marnie Weber films with her sculptures.

Marnie Weber’s The Night of Forevermore is a static space housing monsters, demons, witches, human-animal hybrids; all of which come alive with slow, repetitive gestures and sound. It’s a Hieronymous Bosch painting brought to life, a haunting world with creatures familiar and strange, each with their own woe, purpose, and revenge. Bosch’s paintings are infamously crowded, layered with forms of life and death co-mingling in this liminal boundary between heaven and hell. It is an area of foretold ghosts. And retained within the picture plain and filmic frame, Weber’s animated sculpture remain spread across the entire tableau but firmly placed on an individual stage.

Nitehawk Trailers: Find the Time

We travel forwards, backwards and sideways through time all September with out month-long time travel series: Find the time. Here’s our trailer forPlanet of the Apes (Tickets), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Tickets), Time Bandits (Tickets), The Dead Zone (Tickets), Donnie Darko (Tickets), and Back to the Future (Tickets).

Best in Show of ‘Best in Show’


Best in Show (2000)
Saturday June 1 & Sunday June 2; Noon | Tickets
This week, Caryn and I sat down to figure out which of the five dogs from Christopher Guest’s Best in Show really is the best of the bunch. There are no official parameters or rules, these are pure gut decisions, because that is what matters when it comes to dem doggies.

First, our qualifications:

Kris owns a cat. She’s not much of one, really, and she mostly just lays around and acts fluffy. Still, he grew up with dogs, including his parents’ current monster Beagle, Meg, who is ridiculously cute but also the spawn of the devil. Meg can sneeze on command. (Meg is also kind of fat).

Caryn has two Miniature Pinschers named Lebowski and Quint. She will gladly show you pictures of both while making high pitched noises that cannot be replicated. Quint kind of has bad breath.