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Gallery: Nitehawk’s Fall 2015 Menu

Fall has finally hit New York City, and we’re pleased as punch to be neck deep in hurricane panic, Halloween decorations and a long slate of horror movies. Just like with every season, Nitehawk’s kitchen, headed up by chef Kurt Applegate, is rolling out a new menu to keep up with the shifting winds. Below, we’ve put together a collection of photos of all of the new items to our menu like a burrata crostini, bacon-wrapped scallops, and new entrees. 

In the department of things that aren’t pictured but should be: we have an Affogato Float that’s made with Manhattan Special espresso soda and Nutella soft serve (that you can add booze into, natch), and a new season popcorn that’s made with maple honey-butter and cinnamon toast crunch (uh huh).

As you can see, we’re full of surprises. So go ahead and click through what we have below; do it again; and now try to spend the rest of your day not thinking about chicken sandwiches and delicious piles of cheese.

Photos by Irene Yoo.

Say Hello to Our Summer 2015 Menu!

Finally! Summertime, baby! The winds of winter have blown their last, and all the little trees and flowers have stopped blowing their horrible allergens into the air, and we can all just pause for a second and get some sun on our collective faces… and then go see a movie. Our chef Kurt Applegate and his team have put together a menu for the season, and below the man himself takes us through a few of the new fresh cuts.

IwsrIzLl4jzBhi8wYJgi_hdNwhFoyr-o_RjvmqCo-zM“The Vince”
truffle butter, sriracha, chipotle, lime, citric salt
This spicy little number was concocted by one of our talented Expeditors, Vincent Rivera. He’s around the popcorn and their ingredients all the time. So, like any popcorn mad scientist would do, he decided to throw everything into a bowl just to see what happens. Vince thought it was pretty good, but the only thing that he thought could make it better was sriracha. Afterwards the entire staff at Nitehawk became addicted to it so, naturally, we just had to put it on the menu.

grilled artichokes, mixed olives, baby arugula, black pepper ricotta
Summer’s finally here, so I decided to lighten things up a bit. Using our own, carefully made, flatbread, we smother it with peppery ricotta that’s brightened up with some lemon zest. Top it off with some grilled artichokes and sliced olives and then pop it in the oven. After it’s nice and crispy we take it out of the oven and finish it off with some crispy baby arugula. Come enjoy one in our outdoor seating with a glass of Rose´ and pretend you’re at a sidewalk cafe in Provence.

Photo Jun 30, 5 00 01 PMGrilled Chicken Sandwich
roasted red peppers, arugula pesto, goat cheese, rosemary foccaccia
The Mexican Flag? The Italian Flag? Christmas in June? A lot of thoughts pop into my head when i see this sandwich and its radiant red, bright green and super white color scheme. But, mostly I just think about how delicious of a sandwich it is. Simple, balanced flavors make this one shine.

Photo Jun 30, 5 02 04 PM

Steak Torta
petit filet, romaine, herbed tomato, guacamole, pickled red onion, focaccia, house cut fries or salad
My good friend and Executive Sous Chef, Gregory Barrera is originally from southern Los Angeles, California. Let’s just say he knows his way around a torta. So, we put our heads together to bring you this flavor packed sandwich . When you put grilled petit filet, chopped romaine, sliced beefsteak tomato marinated in chimichurri, our own pickled red onions and guacamole on warm focaccia, you are left with a sandwich so heavenly you’ll be watching more movies with us.

Lo-Res Bar: Cocktails from Beyond the Grave


We’re cracking a champagne bottle on Lo-Res, a bar and screening room located on the groundfloor at Nitehawk Cinema. Lo-Res features content beamed directly from Nitehawk’s extensive VHS Vault throughout the day and long into the night on its retro TVs. More important than obsolete media though, are the bar’s choice selection of beers, whiskey, food and specialty cocktails.

Below, Nitehawk’s beverage director, Matt Walker, takes us through a few of the cocktails he and his team put together for the bar’s inaugural season – all of them named for their B-Movie spirit animals.

Buckaroo BanzaiFive Deadly Venoms
Breuckelen NY Wheat Whiskey, Carpano Dry Vermouth, Luxar do Maraschino Liquer, Ramazzoti Amaro, Angostura Bitters

We’ve been barrel aging classic cocktails at Nitehawk for years, but we’ve never barrel aged one of our originals. This one is based on the Brooklyn cocktail but using Ramazzotti Amaro and Breuckelen’s delicious wheat whiskey instead of rye, then we aged it for six weeks in a seasoned rye whiskey barrel. We honestly had no idea how it would taste when it came out of the barrel, so we were pretty happy to find out it’s a glass full of heaven.

Say Hello to Our Winter 2015 Menu!

The air’s grown crisp, it gets dark at 3:30 and, oh God, it’s going to start snowing soon. All of this means that it’s time to cycle out all those Autumn goodies in favor of earthy, comforting winter fair: peppery radishes, sweet butternut squash, and, to hell with it, let’s put candy canes in the popcorn. Tis the season! Sneak peek below.


Seasonal Popcorn
candy cane, white chocolate
We flavor butter with peppermint extract and toss that with out popcorn and then top it with white chocolate chips. Near the end the candy cane bits and chocolate collect at the bottom with the remnants of the butter, and it’s very tempting to eat it with a spoon.

Say Hello to Our New Fall Menu!


Like clockwork, the first cool, late summer breeze rolls through Brooklyn and everyone starts FREAKING OUT ABOUT FALL. Right now, it’s kind of an inter-season. A time when it’s chilly in the shade, so you dust off a jacket that’s too heavy, buy a pumpkin late and then march right out into the sun where it’s still 80 degrees. You may feel silly now, but rest assured, you won’t feel like the fool for long. It’s comin’, man. We’re already playing horror movies and coming up with new food. Fall is comin’ baby and it’s gonna be sweet.

Below we’ve put together a quick look at three new dishes from our fall menu, which is getting a head to toe revamp this weekend. New popcorn, new salads, new beers, new cocktails – the works. Check it out:


italian sausage, beef, sun-dried tomato marinara, gruyere, grilled bread
Espositos Italian Sausage and ground beef are mixed with egg and bread crumb, slow cooked in a marinara made with sun-dried tomatoes, red wine and sage. Three meatballs are baked with the marinara and topped with Gruyere cheese.

Special Independence Day Menu for JAWS & MARS ATTACKS!

jaws-specialmenuEat like Quint and Hooper (and hell, share some war stories) at Nitehawk this Independence Day weekend. Our brunch screenings of JAWS and MARS ATTACKS! will feature a special July 4th menu that you can’t get anywhere else…including our other films! Check out what’s on deck…

Butter n’ Scotch ‘Smore Pie – $7

Lobster Roll $14
tarragon, red onion, brioche bun, house cut fries or salad

Kosher Hot Dog 
Brooklyn Bangers kosher hot dog, fresh sauerkraut, homemade relish, whole grain mustard, house cut fries or salad

Summer Sangria with fresh fruit – $9

Catcher in the Rye – $10
Snap ginger liqueur, Old Overholt Rye, housemade mint lemonade

Protein Bar: SNOWPIERCER Special


Protein Bar Midori lime jello, watermelon, pineapple, coconut “snow” Snowpiercer (2014, Bong Joon Ho) | Buy Tickets

Life’s not too great onboard of the Snowpiercer, a supertrain that hosts the last remnants of humanity. A few years back we tried to fix global warming with some chemtrails, which had the unfortunate side effect of freezing the place solid, and now, here we are, on board a nonstop train to nowhere eating blocks of black gunk made of God knows what. Things are different for the folks at the front of the train, they nosh on steak and sushi while they kick back in their nightclubs and get their hair did.

For our Snowpiecer food special, we could have gone the steak and sushi route, but we decided to stick with the folks stuck in the back of the train and eat blocks of jello. Our version isn’t as rank as its post-apocalyptic inspiration, as we’ve traded out bugs for lime jello on a bed of pineapple and watermelon.

See? If they rich guys at the front of the train had just made this instead of force-feeding everyone horror-movie grub, maybe they wouldn’t have to deal with an insurrection every other week.

– Kris King (@KrisKingTornado)

Sneak Preview: 2014 Summer Menu

Ah man, the beginning of Summer is the best. Allergy season is over with, it’s warm enough for the beach and a nice cool breeze blows through every window. It’s perfection for… a week or two. After that it’s all sweat and soaked shirts and standing in front of an open refrigerator to keep cool.

That’s why we chose this nice two week window to roll out our new summer menu. We held onto some favorites (steak skewers! fish tacos!) and added some fun new stuff that we’ve never tried before (crab cakes!).

Below Chef Michael Franey picked out two of his favorite new additions and talked them up a little bit.

– Kris King, @KrisKingTornado


Kale Salad
Stone fruits, pine nuts, pecorino, tahini lemon dressing

“Peaches and nectarines are my favorite fruits. Sweet, juicy and abundant this time of year. This salad uses the bitterness of the kale and the nutty flavors from tahini and pecorino as a great balance for the pure sweetness from the assorted stone fruits.”


Heirloom Tomatoes and Mozzarella
basil oil, micro basil

“Summer to me means tomatoes and basil, both thrive in the intense heat of the season. A mix of different heirloom tomatoes are paired here with fresh buffalo milk mozzarella and sea salt.”

“Escape from New York” Film Feast: Scenes that inspired the menu

escapeFilmFeastSliderFilm Feast: Escape from New York (1981, John Carpenter)
Wednesday, June 11; 7:30pm | Buy Tickets

I’ve always been curious about what happened to Brooklyn and Long Island in Escape from New York‘s oddball prison-city scenario. The only part of the world you see outside of Manhattan in this movie is New Jersey, and that… looks basically the same, really. It’s frustrating, you never get a good looksee over the wall into the outer boroughs. It can’t just be abandoned from the East River to Mauntauk, right? Is Brooklyn where all of the Manhattan refuges live? Did Queens get wiped out in some terrible gang war? What about the beaches? Did they mine the beaches? Those bastards.

In any case, we’re showing Escape from New York a few times this month, which is something to be jazzed about. Jazz-worthiest, though, is our Film Feast for Escape From New York. Since EscNY isn’t exactly open for much direct culinary inspiration (“If you don’t eat the rat skewer, the poison you just drank is going to kill you!” doesn’t sound like a fun night out… Well, maybe kinda it does.), and sensing that, our chef, Michael Franey, changed tactics:

“The general theme for the menu isn’t taken directly from the movie but it uses the movie as a reference point. Since the movie is all about getting out of New York, I took things that are associated as very quintessential New York City food items and highlighted other places that have made them their own. “

I’ll let Chef Michael take you all through the rest of the menu. Meanwhile, I’m going to go write John Carpenter about this Brooklyn issue and report back.

– Kris King, @KrisKingTornado

esc01No Escape Oysters
Kumamoto and Otter Cover oysters, lemon, asian mignionette

Drink Pairing: Greenport Summer Ale
No Blue Points here! This is all about the West Coast Oyster, fresh and bright flavor with no brininess. Served very simply on the half shell with a piece of lemon and an Asian style mignonette.

esc04The Twin Tower Dogs
Smoked all beef dog, pineapple relish, garlic lemon sauce, potato roll

Drink Pairing: Greenport Harbor Pale Ale
Hawaii doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of hot dogs but they love them down there, along with their Spam! This is a riff on the famous Puka Dog, where garlic and lemon aioli acts as a great counter point to the sweet and slightly spicy pineapple relish.

esc03Duke’s Deep Dish
House made marinara, roasted wild mushrooms, italian sausage, mozzarella

Drink Pairing: Greenport Cuvaison
The second most famous pizza in the land, Chicago-style deep dish pizza. A deep pan of pizza crust layered with cheese, roasted wild mushrooms, Esposito’s Italian Sausage and finished with our home made black pepper marinara. As New Yorkers, we all know that this isn’t pizza but delicious none the less.

esc02Ox Baker’s Finisher
Peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate ganache, pretzel crust

Drink Pairing: Greenport Black Duck Porter
Whats more American than apple pie, peanut butter and thumbing your nose at the Establishment? The best of both worlds comes together in this New York-style cheesecake. Hard pretzels and graham crackers make up the crust, peanut butter brings even more salty-sweetness, and all of it’s topped with a rich chocolate ganache. 

Getting a Whole Whitman’s Sampler: PALO ALTO dessert special


Palo Alto (2014, Gia Coppola) | Buy Tickets

There’s a line in Gia Coppola’s feature-length debut, Palo Alto, that compares alcoholism to eating an entire Whitman’s Sampler. I don’t think anyone is capable of eating an entire Whitman’s Sampler. That’s not because the entire contents of the classic box of chocolates would be too much to conquer, but more because there is always some grossness hidden in every box like a syrupy land mine. Cherry cordial? Get the hell out of here with that nonsense, Mr. Whitman.

In any case, here’s our Chef, Michael Franey, on what he’s packed into our own Whitman’s Sampler. Order one up and watch James Franco mack on a fresh young teenager.

Chef Franey: “Three different kinds of house made truffles make up our version of a Whitman’s Sampler: Chocolate that’s mixed with peanut butter, chilled and rolled in salted peanuts; Dark chocolate mixed with amaretto, chilled and rolled in Valrohna cocoa powder; and the third is white chocolate mixed with Oreos, chilled, and then rolled in more Oreo cookies.”

— Kris King (@KrisKingTornado)