High Time for July-Time: July at Nitehawk

July 2014

jaws4th of July: Jaws (1975, Steven Spielberg)
Friday, July 4; Noon
Saturday, July 5 & Sunday, July 6; 11:45am | Buy Tickets

I think it’s mandated by law that every movie theater in America play Jaws on the Fourth of July, and if it’s not, it should be. Jaws is the official Fourth of July movie. Not only does it exploit the hell out of Summer’s greatest fear — the invisible threat that lurks beneath the waves — it throws the entire season on screen. It’s the smell of diesel fuel mixed with salt water and old wood; the cool evening breeze coming off the sea; it’s sports coats with anchors on them. Jaws is like the ideal vacation: serene, exciting and with a body count.

teamamerica4th of July Midnite: Team America: World Police (2004, Trey Parker)
Friday, July 4 & Saturday, July 5; Midnite | Buy Tickets

If the socio-political climate of 2004 seemed other-worldly at the time, it’s even stranger looking back on it with a full decade of perspective in hand. It’s been that long since Trey Parker and Matt Stone unleashed Team America: World Police, and their send-up of America’s reactionary post-9/11 dick-swinging is just as loud, offensive and funny as it was back in 2K4.

sexualistNitehawk Naughty: The Sexualist (1973, Kemal Horulu)
Friday, July 4 & Saturday, July 5; Midnite | Buy Tickets

The Sexualist chronicles the production of part-time astrologist Jeffrey Montclair’s latest nudie movie. Jumping between self-parody and bizarre screwball antics, and complete with a ‘gay gorilla,’ director Kemal Horulu’s mind-bending satire of the sex film industry serves as a textbook example of oddball, experimental filmmaking from the earliest years of hardcore feature films.

Northside Film Festival 2014 at Nitehawk

header1Northside’s back at Nitehawk this year with eight films to share. We’ve cobbled together everything that’s going on below, what to expect, who’s going to be here, the works. Judging by the pictures, though, one thing you can expect are a lot of women in bathing suits — I’m not sure if that was on purpose or not.


Homemakers (2014) | Buy Tickets

Director: Colin Healey

Starring: Rachel McKeon, Jack Culbertson

When is it Playing: Monday, June 16 at 7:15pm

What’s the Deal with This Movie Anyway?: A grating art-rock chick bounces around the country from one hip hive to the next before finally scoring a dilapidated Pittsburgh house in her grandfather’s will. She decides to move in and shape the place to her liking, which mostly means breaking everything and splattering paint every which way.

Who’s Going to Be There: Director Colin Healey

What Else You Got?: Dan Schoenbrun’s short Awesome Asian Bad Guys about a gang of 80’s and 90’s action movie refugees who band together to take down a mob boss.


Heavenly Creatures (1994) | Buy Tickets

Director: Peter Jackson

Starring: Melanie Lynskey, Kate Winslet

When is it Playing: Monday, June 16 at 9:45pm

What’s the Deal with This Movie Anyway?: Peter Jackson’s fantastical retelling of the 1954 Parker-Hulme murder lit up the festival and indie circuit when it hit 20 years ago. It was the debut of both Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey, who play inseparable friends whose intense relationship raises their parents’ concerns (it was the 50’s, after all), ultimately leading to an unnervingly brutal crime. 

Who’s Going to Be There: J.D. Samson of Le Tigre and MEN fame will be here to introduce the film on behalf of QUEER/ART/FILM and discuss the the film’s impact on her life and work.

What Else You Got?: We’re also playing Barbara Hammer’s influential short film Dyketactics beforehand. 

Building a Better Dinosaur/Space Ship/Tidal Wave: June at Nitehawk

JUNE 2014

grindhouse2The Works – Kurt Russell: Grindhouse (2007, Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino)
Wednesday, June 4; 9:30pm | Buy Tickets
My best movie-going experience was seeing Grindhouse. It was Memorial Day weekend at Baltimore’s amazing Bengies Drive-In, where they do an annual all-night movie marathon for eight dollars. I don’t remember what played before Grindhouse*, but watching Kurt Russell sleaze it up from the bed of a pickup truck with a cooler full of contraband was the damn best. The sun started to come up during the climactic car chase of Death Proof and washed out the screen, all was right with the world.

We’re screening Grindhouse too, both Planet Terror and Death Proof, and to sweeten the deal, Wild Eye Releasing has lent us a collection of vintage 35mm Grindhouse trailers to screen before the movie. All that’s missing is a pick-up truck.

*It was The Last Mimzy and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. I always say I don’t remember because those movies suuuuck. 

roughArt Seen: Rough Cut (2013, Jamie Shovlin)
Thursday, June 5; 7:30pm | Buy Tickets
Rough Cut is a weird one. Jamie Shovlin wrote a movie called Hiker Meat, a 70’s exploitation homage. He got the script ready, put some music together, even cut together a trailer. He never made the movie though, he never intended to, instead Shovlin made Rough Cut, a making-of documentary of the remake of Hiker Meat… a movie that never existed in the first place. Filmmaking can be complicated.

telephoneNitehawk Naughties: The Telephone Book (1971, Nelson Lyon)
Friday, June 6 & Saturday, June 7; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Porn’s back! This month’s Nitehawk Naughty is The Telephone Book, a skin flick from 1971 about a sex-keen hippie who falls for a man who makes random obscene phone calls like some kind of dirty super villain. He also wears a pig mask — dude likes to keep things mysterious, I guess.

Nitehawk News

chef-sliderNow Playing

Tonight we’re opening up Jon Favreau’s newest film Chef (Buy Tickets), a film that has nothing to do with cowboys, aliens or superheroes — which is cool, because Jon Favreau is pretty great when he doesn’t have to worry about launching anything into outer space. That said, I would like to see a movie about a food truck that’s been launched into outer space.

We’re also holding on to Under the Skin (Buy Tickets) and Only Lovers Left Alive (Buy Tickets). Palo Alto opens next week.

ytumama-sliderY Tu Mama Tambien Cine Fiesta

Estamos buscando a México para Cine Fiesta de este mes, ya que estamos emparejando una comida clásica mexicana llena de road movie humeante de Alfonso Cuarón, Y Tu Mamá También (Buy Tickets). Ocho Tequila también nos ha dado un montón de tequila para beber en otros cursos.*

If this doesn’t make any sense that’s because the above quote comes directly from Google Translate. Here’s it is translated back into English:

We are looking to Mexico for Film Festival this month, since we are matching road full of steaming Alfonso Cuaron movie classic Mexican food, Y Tu Mama Tambien (Buy Tickets). Ocho Tequila has also given us a lot of tequila to drink in other courses.

The lesson here is that Google Translate does not work very well.

Nitehawk News

onlyloversleftalive-sliderNow Playing

This week we’re holding onto a strong trio of movies. The other day, someone asked me which movie of Only Lovers Left Alive (Buy Tickets), Under the Skin (Buy Tickets), and Blue Ruin (Buy Tickets) they should see and I responded “Uh, all of them?” I don’t think that was the answer they were looking for.

Next week we open Chef and Palo Alto.


Midnites for Your Mother.

Fresh from whatever radioactive basement where Troma keeps their 35mm prints comes Mother’s Day (Buy Tickets), an early 80’s Charlie Kaufman movie about a family of mother-loving murderers. If you’re mother has always urged you to kill people for fun, maybe you should consider taking her to see this movie for Mother’s Day.

This Friday we take a trip in our kind of crappy Way-Back Machine. It’s kind of crappy because it doesn’t really travel through time, it just shows documentaries. It’s more of a movie theater than a time machine, really. Anyway, Music Driven tonight goes back to 1991: The Year Punk Broke (Buy Tickets) a documentary that followed Sonic Youth and Nirvana on their landmark tour from that year. Friday night only.

Nitehawk News

onlyloversleftalive-sliderNow Playing

This week, we’re opening Jim Jarmusch’s blasé vampire yarn Only Lovers Left Alive (Buy Tickets), and, in an exciting twist, Jarmusch will be her for a Q&A following Friday’s 7:00pm screening. Bummer news if you don’t have tickets already: they got all ate up. We’ll record it for you.

Other than that, we’re holding on to Under the Skin (Buy Tickets), and buzzed about revenge thriller Blue Ruin (Buy Tickets) starts its Theater 3 tour.

deadlyfriend_sliderThe Deuce Presents: Deadly Friend

The thing I like about The Deuce series is that it’s sort of like “This week in sleaze.” For instance: this week in sleaze, The Deuce crew has dug up a little seen oddity from Wes Craven called Deadly Friend (Buy Tickets), about a girl next door who turns into a killer android. After tanking on test shoots, the studio forced Craven to go back and shoot gorier deaths, resulting in some of the most ridiculously over-the-top, left-field murders ever put to film. 

Mother! Oh God, Mother! Blood!: May at Nitehawk

This May, we’ve dedicated our programming to bad mothers and mouthy kids. Ask Me About My Mother is a midnite program of horror movies dedicated to cinema’s most brutal matriarchs; and to offset that, we have a more cheerful, kid-friendly offering with Cheeky Monkeys, a run of British family films from the 1970’s.


May Day Double Feature: The Wicker Man (1973/2006, Robin Hardy/Neil LaBute)
Thursday, May 1; 9:30pm | Buy Tickets
To celebrate the coming of Spring this May Day we’re pairing two movies that don’t have too much in common: Robin Hardy’s atmospheric and creepy The Wicker Man, and Neil LaBute’s famously… uh, different 2006 remake, starring Nic Cage at his bug-eyed screamiest. Come for Christopher Lee’s elegant hairdo, stay for women getting punched in the face.


Nitehawk Nasties: Pieces (1982, Juan Piquer Simon)
Friday, May 2 & Saturday, May 3; Midnite | Buy Tickets
The 1982 exploitation flick Pieces boasts my all time favorite horror movie tagline: “It’s exactly what you think it is.” Derivative, sleazy and ruthlessly violent, Pieces has everything you could ever want from a cheap-o slasher flick and delivers it by the bucket-load. Sure, it’s sadistic and gross; but it’s more fun than anything, and it’s essential viewing with a large crowd.


Country Brunchin’: Three Amigos (1986, John Landis)
Saturday, May 3 & Sunday, May 4; Brunch | Buy Tickets
We’ve cooked up just about the best Cinco De Mayo shindig you can imagine this year, with a special Country Brunchin’ presentation of John Landis’s Three Amigos featuring a live pre-show performance by New York’s only all-female mariachi band, Mariachi Flor De Toloache.

Nitehawk News

blueruin-EVENTsliderNow Playing

Not only are we opening Jeremy Saulnier’s revenge thriller Blue Ruin (Buy Tickets) this weekend, its director and star will be here for a couple of Q&A’s too! On Saturday at 9:45, lead actor Macon Blair will join Saulnier for a chat with IndieWire writer Eric Kohn; and then on Monday at 7:00 they’re back for a talk with Fangoria’s Sam Zimmerman, who’s as good on a microphone as he is good looking.

As for the rest of the line up, we’re holding on to Under The Skin (Buy Tickets) in Theater 1, because it’s great; while Nymphomaniac Parts 1 (Buy Tickets) & 2 (Buy Tickets) and Dom Hemingway (Buy Tickets) split Theater 3 duty.

wickerman-sliderMay Day Double Feature: The Wicker Men

This is something that we’ve been wanting to do at Nitehawk for three years: a May Day double feature of both versions of The Wicker Man (Buy Tickets), first the creepy 70’s classic followed by the insane 2006 Nicolas Cage rema–HOWDITGETBURNEDHOWDITGTBRND???!?! It’s our first double feature and we are just about excited enough to dress up like a bear and punch a woman in the face.

shadowofadoubt-sliderVice Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series

For our final collaboration with Vice and The Film Foundation, we’re screening the spectacular Shadow of a Doubt (Buy Tickets), an early American thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. We’ve even got a recorded introduction from the man himself, Martin Scorsese (!!!).

Nitehawk News

domhemingway-sliderNow Playing

We’re holding on to everything this week, which means one more week of blokey gloating (Dom Hemingway, Buy Tickets), a bad nanny who takes a damn fine photo (Finding Vivian Maier, Buy Tickets), a sex crazed sociopath (Nymphomaniac Vol. 1, Buy Tickets), a sex crazed crazy-person (Nymphomaniac Vol. 2, Buy Tickets), and, of course, a naked space alien seductress who wants to take you home to check out her… pool, I guess (Under the Skin, Buy Tickets)

ninetofive-sliderSpecial Screenings

Wednesday, April 23; 9:30pm | It’s Secretary’s Day next week, so we’re celebrating the hard work of the country’s file filin’, coffee brewin’, message takin’ maestros of the workplace with a special screening of 9 to 5 (Buy Tickets). In collaboration with Brightest Young Things, we’re pairing the film with a pre-movie party courtesy of New York Distilling Company, who will be slinging out free martinis in the cafe. Even better, Brooklyn’s own Dolly Parton tribute band The Doll Parts will be on hand to perform a set in the theater.

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Now Playing

This week we’re CRAZY excited to open Jonathan Glazer’s new sci-fi thriller Under the Skin (Buy Tickets), as well as the second volume of Nymphomaniac (Buy Tickets) and Dom Hemingway (Buy Tickets).

In a holding pattern this week is photography doc Finding Vivian Maier (Buy Tickets) — she was in Chicago being a mean nanny, apparently — and  Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 (Buy Tickets), which means you can make your double feature dreams come true.


Choose Midnite

Choose Danny Boyle. Choose heroin-chic. Choose cautionary tales, Ewan McGregor and Scotland’s Worst Toilet. Choose a baby on the ceiling. Chooose 35mm and Iggy Pop. Choose  Trainspotting (Buy Tickets).