One Sentence Review: King Kong Lives (1986)


King Kong Lives (1986, Dir. John Guillermin)

After ten years spent sleeping off his 1,368 foot drop from the top of the World Trade Center, Kong finds love with a lady Kong and rips men in half in this amazing sequel that is both absolutely bonkers (Giant monkey open heart surgery! Tank punching! Graphic violence!) and just… cripplingly goddamn boring.

One Sentence Review: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)


A surprisingly crafty and scary Spanish zombie movie with a bitterly satisfying ending, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie follows two hippies on the run from the law after they’ve been pegged for a series of violent murders that were actually committed by the rising tide of the living dead.

One Sentence Review: MATCH POINT (2005)


Considering the acting abilities of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson are somewhat questionable, Woody Allen’s Match Point (essentially a re-imagining of his own Crimes and Misdemeanors) is a riveting exposure of luck, tragedy, and comedy. 

One Sentence Review: CORRUPTION (1968)


Throughout his career, Peter Cushing certainly played his fair share of scientists (evil, good, whatnot) but it’s safe to say none have been stranger than in this swinging 1060s take on Eyes Without a Face called Corruption (aka Carnage).

One Sentence Review: Suddenly Last Summer (1959)


Enforced psychiatry, madness, implied incest, pedophilia, and cannibalism: the subversive implications come to a beautifully manic and cathartic boil in Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Suddenly Last Summer, taking Tennessee Williams’ play to a sizzling near-horror genre level.


One Sentence Review: SHARKNADO (2013)


Combining everyone’s favorite genres (the shark and disaster movie) into one glorious shark-show, Sharknado dares to dream the impossible dream of super angry sharks being propelled through the air by a tornado in Los Angeles with Steve Sanders as the hero…and somehow make it ridiculously entertaining.

One Sentence Review: Oblivion (2013)


Set in a barely recognizable post-apocalyptic New York, Oblivion is a stretched thin story with stunning effects that resembles The Matrix, Star Wars, Top Gun, The Island, Robocop, Moon, and director Joseph Kosinski previous film, Tron Legacy.

One Sentence Review: ‘Evil Dead’ (2013)


I am the drooling fanboy that this film was made for, but despite a rather amusing blood-soaked climax and cute nods to the original’s music and camerawork, Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead doesn’t have the mood and no-budget craftiness that breaths life into the tired ideas of Sam Raimi’s original, making it the third best remake of The Evil Dead, trailing behind Cabin in the Woods and that one episode of Reboot.

One Sentence Review: Room 237 (2013)


Room 237 (2013) | Tickets

Opens Friday, April 5 at Nitehawk Cinema

Narrated by hyper-OCD detail freaks and absolutely bonkers conspiracy types, the brilliant and surprisingly funny Room 237 not only takes a look at some of the silly roads that post-modern film theory can take (Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing and hid his confession in The Shining! Stanley Kubrick is the greatest genius who ever lived and loaded the movie with subliminal messages!), it also turns a light onto obsession and how our own emotional and intellectual baggage influences our thinking.