Q&A: Director Elizabeth Wood and the Cast of WHITE GIRL

On Friday, September 3, director Elizabeth Wood joined us for the opening night of her debut film WHITE GIRL. Moderated by Filmwax Radio host Adam Schartoff, Wood brought along the film’s principal cast.

Q&A: Director Bruce Weber & Cinematographer Jeff Preiss on Their Chet Baker Documentary LET’S GET LOST

On Thursday, July 30 Nitehawk’s Music Driven series and Mass Appeal hosted legendary photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber and cinematographer Jeff Preiss for a special 35mm screening of their Chet Baker documentary LET’S GET LOST. Led by Mass Appeal’s Bucky Turco the two talk about their connection with Chet’s music and working with a subject who is, well, kind of scary.

Q&A: Nicolas Winding Refn Unleashes His Inner 16-Year-Old Girl in THE NEON DEMON

For Nitehawk’s fifth anniversary on June 21, we were proud to host one of our favorite directors, Danish genre provocateur Nicolas Winding Refn, for a Q&A following his new film THE NEON DEMON. Speaking with Nitehawk film programmer John Woods, Refn discussed Elle Fanning channeling his inner 16-year-old girl, meeting Paul Verhoeven, and editing to maximize the camp quality of the film. “This is a comedy,” he says, “it’s supposed to be funny.” Cue awkward chuckles from the crowd.

Q&A: FAULTS w/ Writer/Director Riley Stearns & Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016, husband and wife filmmaking team of writer/director Riley Stearn & actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead stopped by for Nitehawk for a special screening of their cult-deprogramming film FAULTS. In the Q&A, the two discuss audiences fascination with cults, the kind of research they did to produce the film (lots of news stories on lady sociopaths), and how being married affects their working relationship.

Q&A: RIVER’S EDGE w/ Director Tim Hunter

On Thursday, May 5, 2016, director Tim Hunter joined Nitehawk film programmer John Woods to discuss RIVER’S EDGE following a sold out 35mm screening of the film. Throughout the chat, the two talk on the real teenage murder and cover-up that inspired the film; landing the likes of Dennis Hopper, Crispin Glover, and Keanu Reeves for a cheapo indie (“God watches over independent films”); and how his experience filming his previous film, Over the Edge, lent credibility to the youth culture featured in River’s Edge.

HIGH-RISE Q&A with director Ben Wheatley & Nitehawk’s Caryn Coleman

b251c4e3-ed32-4521-b067-ac79766df01eFollowing the New York premiere of HIGH-RISE at the Tribeca Film Festival, director Ben Wheatley came to Nitehawk on April 21 to talk about Ballard, architecture, sound design, and Tom Hiddleston. To make the evening even more special, Wheatley gave everyone in the audience a HIGH-RISE shirt that he illustrated and Norton provided new versions of J.G. Ballard’s novel HIGH-RISE. What a great night…and Wheatley has the pics to prove it!

Thanks to Magnolia Pictures, Norton, and Mr. Wheatley!

Q&A: Ethan Hawke on his Chet Baker Biopic BORN TO BE BLUE

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, Ethan Hawke dropped by Nitehawk to talk on his new biopic on the life of jazz trumpeter Chet Baker BORN TO BE BLUE. Moderated by film critic Joe Neumaier, the two talk on adding an element of reality to the biopic form, drawing influences from Chet’s music, and about a million other things in a lengthy, energetic discussion.

Q&A: Director Jeremy Saulnier talks Punks v. Neo-Nazi Thriller GREEN ROOM

Ahead of its April release, Nitehawk hosted director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin) to talk about his punks vs. white supremacists blood bath Green Room. Headed up by Entertainment Weekly writer Kevin O’Sullivan, the two share a funny talk about Saulnier’s punk rock past, the film’s genre movie roots (“it’s a way to get Mad Max for super cheap”), and why he followed up a critical darling like Blue Ruin with a bloody, hard hitting punk thriller.

“If you think you are the one person to make the one movie at the one time then you know it’s the right choice… even though it seems lazy.” – Jeremy Saulnier