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Nice Shoes Made An Awesome Thing for Shorts Fest

For the past three years, Nice Shoes Creative Studio have been a sponsor of our annual Shorts Festival, providing a generous color grading package prize to Festival winners. This year, the team went a step further by animating a Nitehawk short to open up the festival about how we, as Nitehawks, hunt for good movies like a fearsome bird of prey. They explain it better on their blog, and talk with the short’s creator James Coulson about his idea and process. Suffice to say, we love it. Check it out:

Nitehawk Trailer: COLD WAR (May Brunch)

Red Dawn | Top Secret | The Hunt for Red October | Dr. Strangelove | Rocky IV

Fitfully bookended by the building and tearing down of the Berlin Wall, The Cold War certainly inspired a lot of articles, protests, books, espionage, and a diverse group of films. Get your papers in order and let’s hope we make it through Checkpoint Charlie because our COLD WAR series is waiting just over the border…

Nitehawk Trailers: Tune In, Turn On (April Midnite)

Enter The Void | Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii | Fritz the Cat | The Kentucky Fried Movie

It’s remarkable how being in all kinds of mind frames can really change your perspective and help you view things differently. What you choose to accept as reality moving forward is up to you! So begins our April midnite series Tune in, Turn on. Death could very well be only the beginning with one eye still firmly on your formal mortal existence.

Nitehawk Trailers: I’ll Kick Your Ass! (January Midnite)

Fight Club (Buy Tickets) | Raging Bull (Buy Tickets) | Bronson (Buy Tickets) | Dirty Harry (Buy Tickets)

YOU! INSIDE! RIGHT NOW! Put down your dukes and grab a drink because the people up on screen have got the violence scattered, smothered, and covered. Step up your knuckle game and lace up your boots for some punch drunk cinema because we’re fighting fair ones starting at midnight all month long!

Nitehawk Trailers: X-Mas Chopping

Child’s Play (Buy Tickets) | Black Christmas (Buy Tickets) | Silent Night, Bloody Night (Buy Tickets) | Chopping Mall (Buy Tickets)

Tis the season to go CHOPPING. This month at midnite Nitehawk celebrates the dark side of the holiday season with four horror classics that splatter blood all over the Christmas tree. We’ve got killer toys, escaped crazies, and robot sentries on the loose, all of them out to wish you a Deadly Christmas and a Mournful New Year!

Nitehawk Trailers: BURN N’ RUBBER

Death Race 2000 (Buy Tickets) | Transformers: The Movie (Buy Tickets) | Two-Lane Blacktop (Buy Tickets) | The Road Warrior (Buy Tickets) | The Driver (Buy Tickets)

Car movies. Same-same but different, car movies. They all have cars in them, badass ones, and most times they get into some bumping and grinding with other (badass) cars until one crashes into something dramatic. Still, there’s a wide range of drama to exploit in cars banging into each-other. Car movies can be about cars getting away from a crime, or chasing after glory, or transforming into giant alien robots to save the world from evil transforming cars. The sky’s the limit with car movies, really.

Nitehawk Trailers: FUTURE NOIR (June Midnites)

Dark City (Buy Tickets) | Ghost in the Shell (Buy Tickets) | Liquid Sky (Buy Tickets)

For some reason, Noir conventions have a way of sneaking into sci-fi movies. Maybe it’s because we think that we’re going to screw things up somehow, and end up under the thumb of aliens or robots or alien robots — who knows? Noir is all about dark mysteries, and the future is the darkest mystery there is. It’s the death looming in the distance, loaded full of technologies and turmoil we couldn’t begin to understand today – and really, that’s what Noir is all about.

– Kris King, @KrisKingTornado

Nitehawk Trailer: Ask Me About My Mother (May Midnites)

Mother’s Day (Buy Tickets) | Friday the 13th (Buy Tickets) | Psycho (Buy Tickets) | The Baby (Buy Tickets)

Nitehawk celebrates Mother’s Day throughout the month of May with four of the baddest mothers of horror film.

Mothers are supposed to protect their young but in the case of these four terrifying classics – Mother’s Day, Friday the 13th, Psycho, and The Baby – their maternal instincts lead more towards murder! In our monthly midnite celebration of the mothers of horror, we dive into the psyche of isolate backwoods insanity, camp counsellor revenge, a bond that continues well past the grave, and forced infantilism.

These films show the killer relationship between a mother and her son that manifests mostly at the expense of young women. But what wouldn’t you do for your mother, or she for you? Break curfew and celebrate Mother’s Day with us at Nitehawk all May long!