Pre-Show: A$AP Rocky meets Walt Disney

We doubt that New York rapper A$AP Rocky had “The Pastoral Symphony” section of Fantasia in mind when he co-produced the single “Fashion Killa,” but… turns out mixing the two works… surprisingly well.

The song and the animated sequence are thematically similar — guys and girls preening around one-another, trying to act all impressive; the dreamy beat suits the the crazy color palate and mythical setting; and, a few times, it even has some weird “Dark Side of Oz” moments going on. Maybe all of Long. Live. A$AP syncs to Fantasia. Probably not. But maybe!

The pairing also parallels the song’s actual music video, where, instead multi-colored, topless centaur girls, it’s just Rihanna walking around decked out in Supreme.

Fantasia Killa from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.

Excerpt from “WILLIAMSBURG: 3D of a Decade”


WILLIAMSBURG: 3D of a Decade (D. Carlton Bright, 2013)
Thursday, November 14; 7:30pm | Cafe | Free | Seating is limited so get here early!

Over the last decade, Brooklyn arteest D. Carlton Bright has been filming 3D images of Williamsburg using fancy stereooptic camera do-dads that he made himself. The ultimate result is Williamsburg: 3D of a Decade, an hour-long non-narrative collection of 3D images chronicling the neighborhood, its residents and how it’s changed (for better or worse) over the last ten years.

Below is an excerpt of the film from Bright’s Vimeo page. It has two panels because… I don’t know, I guess that’s how 3D works. It’ll be in actual 3D when we screen it. For now: Double vision.


Nitehawk is the new home for THE DEUCE (a monthly film series excavating the facts and fantasies that built the mythology of cinema’s most infamous block in the world: 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues). Below is the sleaze-tastic trailer of the film that kicks all off on September 12th…Vice Squad with star GARY SWANSON in person! 

Nitehawk Trailers: Find the Time

We travel forwards, backwards and sideways through time all September with out month-long time travel series: Find the time. Here’s our trailer forPlanet of the Apes (Tickets), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Tickets), Time Bandits (Tickets), The Dead Zone (Tickets), Donnie Darko (Tickets), and Back to the Future (Tickets).



Nitehawk’s The Works series was created to highlight and contextualize significant contributions to cinema. Particular focus is paid to directors, actors, cinematographers, genres, etc. who we believe are due for a closer look. Bringing people, such as Karen Black, to the forefront of our programming is designed to provide new ways of seeing and thinking about not only her body of work but to also reconsider the importance of these films in the present day. Nitehawk isn’t taking the easy and obvious choices here. Instead, we aim to place to introduce new audiences, and re-introduce familiar ones, with a fresh perspective on underrated classics.

Our The Works – Karen Black focuses on six of her films ranging from her major film debut in 1969’s Easy Rider (as a New Orleans prostitute) to Alfred Hitchcock’s Family Plot (as a jewelry heist vixen donning a blonde wig). The thing about Karen Black is that you know who she is even if you don’t know who she is. She has starred in over two hundred movies along with numerous plays (she was on Broadway before Easy Rider) and artist films. She’s also a singer, songwriter, and playwright. Prolific in both mainstream and independent features, Black has become a cultural icon to countless filmmakers (Rob Zombie, Bruce La Bruce), artists (Aida Ruilova, Kembra Pfahler, Francesco Vezzoli), and songwriters (Cass McCombs). Karen Black received Golden Globes for her performances in Five Easy Pieces (also nominated for an Academy Award), The Great Gatsby, and The Day of the Locust. Other films such as Robert Altman’s Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (that we’re planning a special screening of as well) and Lynn Hershman’s Conceiving Ada have garnered well-deserved accolades. Her cultural association with horror classics like Burnt Offerings, Trilogy of Terror, and House of 1000 Corpses only begins to show the breadth of her oeuvre.

Nitehawk is honored to be the home of Karen Black’s first retrospective series and hope that by putting these disperate films in dialogue with one another will result in a new awareness of her incredible career.

Nitehawk Trailers: THE WORKS – BRIAN DE PALMA

brian-de-palmaIn 2013 Nitehawk will be launching new Signature Series programming. We already have our Country Brunchin’ and Live Sound Cinema but this April we’ll have music and art focused monthly screenings as well boundary pushing midnites. One you won’t have to wait for it our extended series called THE WORKS. Launching this month, our first feature in THE WORKS is director Brian De Palma.

The Works pays special attention and homage to the people and concepts who inspire a closer look. As Nitehawk’s extended series, The Works highlights a director, actor, composer, genre, or influencer on select midnight screenings over a three-month period. Our first in the series is BRIAN DE PALMA.