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Q&A: Writer/Director Benjamin Dickinson talks CREATIVE CONTROL


Following our Local Color screening of CREATIVE CONTROL, the film’s writer and director Benjamin Dickinson sat down for a chat with Tribeca Film Festival Senior Programmer Cara Cusumano. Creative Control is a satirical look at a bleak, Yuppified near future of Williamsburg and its so-called “creative class” – or, as Dickinson puts it – “a miasma of crapulence and self-hatred.” Cusumano prods Dickinson on his visual inspirations – Antonioni and luxury advertisements – and the challenge of switching between the emotional taxation of acting and the analytical eye of directing.

Country Brunchin’: Dökk Vetur Performs Before THERE WILL BE BLOOD

Nitehawk kicked off its 2016 Country Brunchin’ program over the weekend of March 5 in the oil soaked deserts of New Mexico featured in Paul Thomas Anderson’s THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Not your average Western, we parted ways with the usual honky tonk fanfare that accompanies a Country Brunchin’ presentation and invited NYC drone band Dökk Vetur to perform a set before the film. 

Above is the full performance, along with a montage of oil barons, massive fires, and vast oil fields put together by Nitehawk’s cinema department.

VIDEO: Open Your Third Eye w/ Drippy Eye Projections, The Joshua Light Show & Worthless Live

This January, Nitehawk’s art & film program Art Seen expanded its horizons with a psychedelic performance by Drippy Eye Projections, The Joshua Light Show and Brooklyn band Worthless.

Stemming from the unique history of the Joshua Light Show that began in the 1970s, this interactive live psychedelic light show features a mix of analog and digital projections (a “psychedelic  slipstream”) along with a live musical performance. The visuals and audio operate in an evolving conversation throughout and each performance is a unique experience suited to the space in which its acted out.

Nice Shoes Made An Awesome Thing for Shorts Fest

For the past three years, Nice Shoes Creative Studio have been a sponsor of our annual Shorts Festival, providing a generous color grading package prize to Festival winners. This year, the team went a step further by animating a Nitehawk short to open up the festival about how we, as Nitehawks, hunt for good movies like a fearsome bird of prey. They explain it better on their blog, and talk with the short’s creator James Coulson about his idea and process. Suffice to say, we love it. Check it out:

Q&As from the 2015 Tribeca Film Institute Summer Documentary Series at Nitehawk Cinema

In July, Nitehawk teamed up with Tribeca Film Institute for the second year  to present a curated series of documentaries from the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. We hosted reprise screenings of three documentary highlights of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival: Live From New York(T)Error, and Very Semi-SeriousEach screening hosted a Q&A afterwards with the films’ directors, producers, and subjects which, lucky for you, we recorded and have posted here!




Our Nitehawk Naughties series is back and this year we’re screening Scandinavian Erotic Cinema, a year-long program on the influential era of Danish and Swedish sex films from the 1960s and 1970s. Get tickets for the debut of the series this weekend with Language of Love!

“…the most overlooked chapter in film history” – Jack Stevenson, Scandinavian Blue



Kurt Fuller introduces WAYNE’S WORLD

Kurt Fuller is a That Guy actor, and he’s been one of our favorite Those Guys for years now. He has a funny That Guy role in Wayne’s World, playing Rob Lowe’s subservient assistant Russell, so when we got a tip that he would be in town the same weekend as our Brunch screening of Wayne’s World, we were stoked to have him introduce. In his intro, Fuller talks how Wayne’s World holds up, Rob Lowe’s hair and working with the fiercely competitive SNL crowd. He also shouts. It’s awesome.

Introduction: KURT FULLER INTRODUCES WAYNE’S WORLD from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.