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Poster for PEOPLE ARE WONDERFUL AND STRANGE (Short film program in celebration of the BFC turning ten!)


Thu, Jul 12
7:30 pm Sold Out

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Thu, Jul 12 @ 7:30 pm: Women-directed short film program in celebration of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective turning ten!

Run Time: 92 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2018

PEOPLE ARE WONDERFUL AND STRANGE features a selection of women directed short films that imbue the intangible quality of humanity that can be as weird as it is universally relatable. Programmed by Meghan Oretsky (Curator, Vimeo) and Caryn Coleman (Director of Programming/Special Projects, Nitehawk Cinema).

This program is part of The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective turning 10! To celebrate, The BFC has partnered with some of New York City’s top programmers, curators and cinemas to create a showcase of our members’ work and celebrate the ethos of collaborative filmmaking.



Directed by Riley Hooper | 7 1/2 mins
Henry skied for 70-some years.

Directed by Tamar Glezerman | 20 mins
A short sad comedy about a woman who gets dumped by her girlfriend at a fast food joint, and, too sad to go home, just stays there for a week.

Directed by Danielle Lurie | 8 mins
A short film set in Barcelona about a woman who is unable to listen to herself.

Directed by Veena Rao | 7 mins
At 5am everyday, before the crowds, traffic and heat descend on the city, Abbas Sheikh, a top ultramarathon runner, gets up to run along Mumbai’s picturesque Marine Drive. By 9am, he is at work in a hot, cramped factory where he polishes jewelry for 12 hours a day. Abbas describes these contrasting realities and the world that has opened up to him while running through the vibrant city he calls home.

Directed by Maria Juranic | 3 mins
Bonnie and Clyde inspired story of two lovers being chased by law.

Directed by Hazuki Alkawa | 21 mins
Young and single, Tara struggles to find harmony in a world critical of her son’s queer behavior. Increasingly aware of what it means to go against society’s “normal”, she finds it difficult to accept who her son wants to be.

Directed by Desiree Akhavan & Ingrid Jungermann | 5 mins
A comedy that follows the lives of a lesbian couple navigating their way through modern-day Park Slope, Brooklyn. One year into their relationship, Ingrid and Desiree continue to hash out a power dynamic that ends up making them look homophobic, superficial and ultimately, perfect for one another.

Directed by Joanna Arnow | 11mins
A perpetual third wheel and awkward outsider, Joanna increasingly inserts herself into the relationship of her more charismatic roommate Isabel. The two women test each other’s sexual and emotional boundaries in this surreal dark comedy.

Directed by Lorena Alvarado | 9 1/2 mins
Beatrice Vio started fencing on her feet when she was five years old. Struck with meningitis at eleven not only left her with all four of her limbs amputated, but it completely shifted her relationship with the sport she loves. With the unconditional support of her family, Beatrice went to become the world Paralympic fencing champion at the age of nineteen.

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About THE BFC: 
The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective is a supportive community of 50+ filmmakers who come together for weekly peer workshops.
Our goal is to create a collaborative filmmaking community that supports and encourages each member to make their strongest work. We meet once a week for three hours to workshop projects in various stages from development to final cut and beyond. Central to the collective is fostering a generous community that shares knowledge, skills, and connections. We are a consensus-based group that values equitable interactions and diverse voices.