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Earlier this year, Saint Flashlight relaunched a new round of Movie Marquee Poems at Nitehawk Prospect Park. We last did this during renovation of the theater, after the closing of The Pavilion. This updated version includes both haikus about movie genres and rhymed couplets about specific films. Special thanks to Deanna Nokes, Mascha Mareen, Liz Zimiles and the industrious crew at Nitehawk Prospect Park for helping to make this undertaking possible.

About Saint Flashlight:
Saint Flashlight is the creative duo of Molly Gross and Drew Pisarra, two lifelong friends and poets currently devoted to placing verse in unexpected public spaces. Their work has been seen at O, Miami Poetry Festival, Free Verse: Charleston Poetry Festival, Capturing Fire – International Queer Poetry Summit and Slam, and Poets House in NYC among the places.


Emmy Potter is a New York-based writer and actor with the charming neuroses of a blonde Nora Ephron protagonist and the interior design tastes of a Nancy Meyers movie.

klutzes fall in love
running down city sidewalks
tripping on meet Cutes

Name That Movie
this classic nora film begins
asking can men and women just be friends

Marcus Amaker is a karaoke singer, a Kate Bush fan, an electronic musician, a donut eater, a graphic designer and the poet laureate of Charleston, SC.

who’ll choose the actor
to portray your life on screen
for us to enjoy

Name That Movie
little was his ironic birth name
a civil rights leader who sparked big change

VOL 10
Jason Koo is the founder and executive director of Brooklyn Poets and author of the poetry collections More Than Mere Light, America’s Favorite Poem and Man on Extremely Small Island.

guy meets girl but guy
would rather hang with homey
it’s complicated

Name That Movie
unlikely Asian hero hang gliders
descend to better lives by downing sliders