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Earlier this year, Saint Flashlight relaunched a new round of Movie Marquee Poems at Nitehawk Prospect Park, and they’ve continued through the summer with both haikus about movie genres and rhymed couplets about specific films.

About Saint Flashlight:
Saint Flashlight is the creative duo of Molly Gross and Drew Pisarra, two lifelong friends and poets currently devoted to placing verse in unexpected public spaces. Their work has been seen at O, Miami Poetry Festival, Free Verse: Charleston Poetry Festival, Capturing Fire – International Queer Poetry Summit and Slam, and Poets House in NYC among the places. See more photos on their Facebook page.

Volume 11

Essayist and poet Mare Davis lives with her wife, painter Monica Shinn, in Providence, R.I., and also spends as much time as possible at a house she shares with friends in the Occitanie region of France.

Name That Movie
aussie girl shows up at school
starts out weird but ends up cool

Volume 12
Aponi K is a Brooklyn-born poet who adores Afro-futurism.

Name That Movie
a vain rose and a prince
what could unfold from youthful bliss

Volume 13

Tania Asnes a.k.a. taz is a poet and actress residing in Ridgewood, Queens with her two black cats. Witchy.

Name That Movie
violins screeching
star killed off in the opening
suspense down the drain

Volume 14
Cathy Linh Che is the author of the poetry collection Split and works as Executive Director at Kundiman, a nonprofit that nurtures Asian American writers.

Name That Movie
in need of cash a sexy crew concocts a plan
to exploit a score of wall street businessmen

Volume 15
Saint Flashlight’s final movie marquee poem was a collaboration by the following poets: Purvi Shah adores sparkly eyeshadow, pecan pie, and raucous laughter, and is the author of Miracle Marks & Terrain Tracks; Troy Woodley will wear anyone out talking about comic books and podcasts, even you, Brooklyn.Name That Movie
clever detective
thwarts hate group with subterfuge
his afro stays tight