Lil’ Hawk Friendly: BIG

Screens: Jul 13-14

If you want to see a young Tom Hanks on the big screen, you don’t need Zoltar to grant your wish.

30th anniversary: DO THE RIGHT THING

Screens: Jun 30

A special one day only brunch screening of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing on the 30th anniversary, to the day, of its original release.

Live Sound Cinema/Brooklyn, South: LITTLE FUGITIVE

Screens: Jun 19

Reel Orchestrette joins us for another edition of LIVE SOUND CINEMA with the neo-realist classic Little Fugitive, shot right here in Coney Island.


Starts: Jul 16

This July, we celebrate Keanu Reeves with The Matrix, River’s Edge, a Point Break Film Feast and both Bill and Ted movies at brunch.

Midnite Movies at a Reasonable Hour: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

Screens: Jun 17

Tobe Hooper’s classic is our next MIDNITE MOVIE AT A REASONABLE HOUR.