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Monday Jul 24
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Man joins the gang of Jesse James, but struggles with the leader.
11:00 am
A Ghost Story
A white-sheeted ghost returns home to console his bereft wife
11:15 am 1:55 pm 4:00 pm 6:10 pm 8:20 pm Sold Out 10:30 pm
A visual exploration of the effect that man has on the Earth.
11:45 am
The Big Sick
A couple deals with cultural differences as their relationship grows.
1:15 pm 4:35 pm 7:15 pm Sold Out 9:55 pm
The Beguiled
A girls' school takes in a Yankee solider during the Civil War.
2:20 pm 3:45 pm 5:50 pm Sold Out 8:00 pm Sold Out 10:10 pm
Black Snake Moan
A God-fearing bluesman chains a wild young woman in his house.
The Hills Have Eyes
A family is stalked by a clan of psychopaths who live in the desert.
The psych-out nightmare feature directorial debut from Steve, the filmmaking alter-ego of Steve Ellison, better known as acclaimed musician Flying Lotus, KUSO takes those brave enough to tag along on a wild ride.
Dining Specials