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Exterior of Nitehawk Cinema
Nitehawk Cinema – Williamsburg
136 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Nitehawk Cinema • Established 2011 • Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Nitehawk Cinema is New York’s premier dine-in theater, pairing exemplary first-run and repertory film programming along with tableside food and beverage service. Our original Williamsburg location opened in 2011, while our Prospect Park location opened in December 2018.

Nitehawk strives to enhance the cinematic experience with a creative framework by providing a specialty menu with fresh, local ingredients inspired by the films we love; archival 35mm projection; and special guest Q&As.

Nitehawk offers diverse, thoughtful, and engaging programming through our brunch, midnite, and signature series that honor cinema’s past with ongoing repertory screenings and support the future of filmmaking with screenings of new independent films. We strive to reach a wide range of audiences, from the cinephile to the casual movie fan, to encourage explorations of new, lesser known films and re-experiencing familiar classics in new ways. Making movie-going special is why we present one-of-a-kind events with screenings featuring filmmakers in person, specialty menus, live performances, and lively discussions. Nitehawk is also committed to promote local, independent filmmakers by hosting regular screenings of feature films of all genres by diverse filmmakers, short films with New York partners, and presenting the annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival.

Nitehawk Williamsburg is a triplex, hosting 92, 60, and 34-seat theaters. Lo-Res, Nitehawk’s downstairs bar, offers full-service food and drink, and outdoor seating during the warmer months, and features handcrafted cocktails, local brews and spirits from regional distillers.

We Changed the Law
Setting a historical precedent, Nitehawk Cinema is single-handedly responsible for the groundbreaking overturn of the prohibition-era New York State liquor law that made serving alcohol in motion picture theaters illegal. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the new law allowing moviegoers to enjoy an adult beverage at their theater seats a mere three months after the Cinema’s opening date; and thus, a new era of boozy film viewing in Brooklyn (and beyond) began!


Nitehawk opens 30 minutes before the first showtime Mondays through Friday, and at 10:30am on Saturdays and Sundays.