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Poster for NoBudge Live #39

NoBudge Live #39

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Run Time: 99 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2024

NoBudge is happy to present a new program of nine short films from a group of emerging indie filmmakers mostly based in New York. This edition explores a range of subjects — sex, relationships, body image, health problems — through a lens of contemporary young adulthood. We tend towards dark comedy, in varying off-kilter styles, but there’s a touch of seriousness as well. The program glides between naturalism, surrealism, satire, absurdity, and docu-fiction. Seven of the films are premieres and each director will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A and Afterparty

NoBudge is an online platform spotlighting the best in low-budget indie filmmaking. “One of the best places to sample what’s happening in low-budget cinema worldwide,” says Glenn Kenny of The New York Times. Its mission is to provide a supportive home for emerging indie filmmakers working with limited resources and without major industry connections, and to be a trusted discovery platform.

U.S. Premiere
Director Irmak Akgur present.
A young couple discovers they’re pregnant.
(9 min)

Physical Therapy
U.S. Premiere
Director Zach Galsky present.
Unable to stop their quarreling, a young couple turns to a strange alternative therapy practice.
(11 min)

Health Not Wealth
NY Premiere
Director Bucky Illingworth present.
A broken foot is no fun, especially when you have to pay for it.
(12 min)

The High Rise Beckons
NY Premiere
Director Matt Barats present.
A sensual advertisement for the lofty high-rise buildings in an ambiguous metropolis.
(3 min)

Dream Interpreter
U.S. Premiere
Directors Derek Janzen & Nathan Hare present.
After a series of bizarre dreams, a man turns to a computer program to decipher them.
(13 min)

Beyond Failure
Director Marissa Losoya present.
In avoidance of the nagging fear that she has spoiled her life’s potential, a woman begins obsessing over her ass.
(9 min)

A Real, Sexual Relationship
NY Premiere
Director Alex Bliss present.
On their anniversary, a spontaneous sex-tape forces a 30-something couple to confront dormant issues in their relationship.
(14 min)

Goose Egg
Directors Madeline Leshner & Zach Stone present.
After Tim is taken hostage by a pair of vengeful vagrants, he must find a way to get home and deliver his mom’s medication.
(13 min)

Junior Associate
U.S. Premiere
Director Joe Gleason and writer/star Alex Forrest present.
An accidental suitcase swap at the airport baggage claim puts a corporate underling’s career—and life—in jeopardy.
(15 min)


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